Saturday, June 15, 2024
    Mr. Manoj Kumar R, Founder & CEO, Vetcetra Healthcare

    VetCetera Healthcare: Transforming animal care across India

    Discover VetCetera Healthcare, where innovation meets affordability in India's animal healthcare transformation.
    Oscar Daisy: Dog eagerly eating from a bowl of fresh pet food

    Oscar Daisy: Bringing the joy of fresh food to India’s pets

    Oscar Daisy delivers fresh pet food in India. Science-backed, personalized meals for your dog's optimal health.

    Poorvi Anthony’s visionary leadership at the helm of JUSTDOGS

    Explore Poorvi Anthony's journey with JUSTDOGS, revolutionizing the Indian pet industry with passion and commitment to pet wellness.

    Waggy Zone founder Darshankaur Khalsa: From dog mom to pet ice-cream...

    Darshankaur Khalsa's Waggy Zone brings healthy, delicious ice creams to Indian dogs.
    Dr. Vinod Sharma HEAD VETERINARIAN, DCC Animal Hospital

    Chief Vet Dr. Vinod Sharma of DCC Animal Hospital predicts tech...

    Discover the latest in pet care India with Dr. Sharma of DCC Animal Hospital. Technology, compassion, and welfare top the trends.

    Harley’s Corner: Crafting a nutritional haven for our furry friends

    Elevate your dog's diet with Harley's Corner! India's top fresh dog food brand offers gourmet meals made with the finest ingredients.
    Mr. Prabakar Ramasamy,Founder CEO Taiyo Feed Mill

    Taiyo Feed Mill: Elevating pet nutrition with quality and innovation

    Discover India's pet food industry growth with Taiyo Feed Mill's CEO. Learn about quality, innovation, and future plans.

    Petsnugs: Where every tail tells a tale of Love and Care

    Originating as a pet apparel brand in Ludhiana, Petsnugs has evolved into a comprehensive pet care experience combining tradition and innovation.

    Dr. Kasturi Bhadsavle pioneering advanced veterinary ophthalmology care in India

    Dr. Kasturi Bhadsavle founded India's first veterinary ophthalmology clinics, The Eye Vet Clinics, dramatically improving pet eye care through specialized services.

    Blue 7 Vets pioneers hip replacement for dogs

    Dr. Ashlesha Dave-Satpute, veterinarian and founder/director of Blue7Vets, reveals cutting-edge advancements in canine hip replacement, offering hope and mobility for furry companions. With experience...