Taiyo Feed Mill: Elevating pet nutrition with quality and innovation

Mr. Prabakar Ramasamy, Founder CEO of Taiyo Feed Mill, discusses the company's growth, commitment to excellence, and vision for the future.

Mr. Prabakar Ramasamy,Founder CEO Taiyo Feed Mill
Mr. Prabakar Ramasamy, Founder CEO Taiyo Feed Mill

Taiyo Feed Mill Pvt Ltd has emerged as a formidable player in the Indian pet food market, driven by a deep commitment to quality, customer-centricity, and constant innovation. In this exclusive interview with Petbiz India, Founder CEO  Mr. Prabakar Ramasamy shares insights into the company’s success, the evolving landscape of pet ownership in India, and Taiyo’s aspirations for continued growth in the global pet food industry.

1. Taiyo has experienced remarkable growth since its inception in 2002. What core values drive your production of high-quality animal feed products?

Mr. Prabakar Ramasamy :Taiyo’s growth is a testament to the core values deeply embedded within the Taiyo Group. Our unwavering commitment to product quality and innovation forms the cornerstone of our success. By consistently investing in research and development, we ensure that our animal feed products remain at the forefront of the industry, catering to the evolving needs of our discerning customers. Our customer-centric approach further reinforces our achievements; actively listening to feedback, addressing specific needs, and providing exceptional service fosters strong relationships, builds brand loyalty, and drives our accomplishments.

2. The Indian pet care market is witnessing significant growth. What do you see as the primary drivers of this trend, and how sustainable is this growth trajectory?

Mr. Prabakar Ramasamy : The surge in pet ownership in India is a multifaceted phenomenon driven by a shift in societal outlook towards pets, increased awareness of animal companionship benefits, and a growing urban population with disposable income. Changing lifestyles that emphasize emotional well-being have further encouraged pet adoption. The powerful influence of social media in celebrating pet ownership, coupled with a broader range of available pet products and services, continues to fuel this trend. As the understanding of the positive impact of pets on mental health and overall quality of life continues to grow, it is highly probable that pet ownership in India will see sustained and considerable growth in the coming years.

Mr. Prabakar at the World Branding Award at Hofsburg Palace, Vienna.

3. How would you describe the current Indian market for animal feed? What are Indian consumers looking for when buying these products, and how does Taiyo meet their needs?

Mr. Prabakar Ramasamy : The current animal feed market in India is intrinsically linked to the rise of pet ownership within the country. Rapid urbanization, changing family structures, and an increasing number of double-income households are contributing to significant shifts in lifestyle, leading to increased pet adoption. Indian consumers actively seek high-quality pet nutrition and care services to provide the best for their beloved animal companions. Taiyo, recognizing these evolving trends, aligns its offerings with the changing requirements of Indian consumers. Our focus on research, innovation, and product quality ensures we meet the diverse needs of pet owners, ultimately contributing to the burgeoning pet-care industry within the country.

4. Balancing quality and affordability is often a challenge in the Indian market. How does Taiyo’s manufacturing expertise influence its ability to offer value-driven, high-quality products?

Mr. Prabakar Ramasamy : Taiyo’s manufacturing capabilities expertly address the Indian market’s emphasis on quality and affordability, significantly impacting product demand and pricing. Our dedicated team meticulously conducts quality checks throughout the manufacturing process, ensuring each product adheres to stringent standards. Rigorous inspections of raw materials and thorough supervision during food packing further solidify our commitment to the high-quality standards synonymous with the Taiyo brand. This focus on quality drives demand for our products within the Indian market. By prioritizing quality control and engaging in regular communication with distributors, Taiyo not only ensures product consistency but also gains valuable insights into market dynamics. This allows us to skillfully balance the delivery of top-tier products while maintaining affordability, catering to the preferences of our Indian consumers.

Mr. Prabakar receiving the World Branding Award at Hofsburg Palace, Vienna.

5. While known for aquatic pet food, how is Taiyo India performing in other pet food segments?

Mr. Prabakar Ramasamy : While Taiyo has built a strong reputation for its aquatic pet food, our success extends well beyond this domain. Our extensive product range allows us to serve families with diverse pets, offering a comprehensive selection under a single trusted brand. Taiyo excels not only in aquarium fish feed but also in the production of high-quality Pet feed. Our journey began with fish feed, where we swiftly diversified to cover a broad spectrum of pets, including birds, dogs, cats, turtles, and other small animals. A significant milestone was our establishment as India’s first fish feed manufacturing and export unit, marking a pioneering contribution to the industry. We offer over 250 pet food products under our flagship Taiyo brand, each meticulously crafted to address the unique nutritional needs of various animals. Our holistic approach sets us apart, delivering top-quality nutrition for a wide array of pets.

6. Could you discuss your most popular products in India and their performance?

Mr. Prabakar Ramasamy : In India, Taiyo’s 100g fish food stands as a perennial favorite, having been our inaugural product and maintaining its status as a top seller. We take pride in being the first to introduce the ‘Hand Feeding Formula’ for birds in India, a groundbreaking product that consistently ranks among our best-sellers. Another notable achievement is the introduction of India’s first Insect-based fish food, demonstrating our commitment to innovative and sustainable pet nutrition. This year witnessed the launch of Taiyo Miow Miow, our cat food product, which has exceeded expectations in terms of performance. These accomplishments highlight our dedication to providing high-quality, diverse pet food products that resonate with Indian pet owners.

We offer over 250 pet food products under our flagship Taiyo brand, each meticulously crafted to address the unique nutritional needs of various animals.

Prabakar Ramasamy, Founder & CEO, Taiyo Feed Mill

7. Tell us about your manufacturing facility and its ability to meet domestic and international demand. How does your quality certification ensure high standards?

Mr. Prabakar Ramasamy : Taiyo’s manufacturing facility serves as the backbone of our operations, fully equipped to cater to both domestic and international demand. As a market leader in India, we export to over 20 countries worldwide, demonstrating our commitment to global excellence. We maintain seamless business operations, adapting packaging and declarations to meet cultural requirements and enhance customer understanding. Quality remains imperative, with rigorous checks implemented at every stage of production. Our annual meetings with distributors reflect a dedication to understanding market dynamics and gathering valuable feedback, aiding in the continuous improvement of our products and services.

8. You’ve exported for over 15 years now. How is the export business performing? How do international consumption patterns compare to India’s?

Mr. Prabakar Ramasamy : Taiyo’s pet food exports have shown impressive growth throughout our 15 years of exporting, establishing a strong presence in over 20 countries. The growth of our export business underscores not only the quality of our products but also our adaptability to diverse international consumption patterns. Globally, we see a rising awareness among pet owners regarding the importance of balanced, species-specific nutrition. Government initiatives supporting the expansion of manufacturing within India further bolster the market’s growth potential. At Taiyo, we thrive on the international stage, delivering excellence in pet nutrition worldwide, propelled by factors such as increasing awareness and favorable government initiatives.

9. The emergence of Indian pet food startups signals a dynamic market. What are your thoughts on this development, and where do you see the greatest areas of opportunity for the Indian pet food industry?

Mr. Prabakar Ramasamy : The growth of Indian pet food startups reflects increasing awareness of pet nutrition and the value pets bring to families. This trend not only broadens the choice of available products but also fosters healthy competition, stimulating innovation, improved products, and elevated industry standards. To further advance the Indian pet food industry, a continued focus on educating pet owners about their pets’ nutritional needs is crucial. Collaboration among startups in research and development can enhance product quality and variety. Ultimately, these efforts serve the best interests of pets and promote the growth of India’s thriving pet food industry.

Taiyo Feed Mills’s State of the art manufacturing facility

10. How does Taiyo differentiate itself in a crowded market to attract customers? How do you market the brand?

Mr. Prabakar Ramasamy : Taiyo strategically distinguishes itself by offering a diverse selection of pet food products catering to various animals. This ensures that families with multiple pets find all their pet food needs conveniently under a single, trusted brand. We address the challenge of brand duplication with distinctive packaging, featuring products in a recognizable red box, along with a clear directive to visit our website to verify authentic brands under the Taiyo Group. Our name, “Taiyo,” meaning ‘Rising Sun’ in Japanese, embodies a dedication to excellence with quality standards that rival international competitors. By overcoming initial preferences for imported products, Taiyo has proven itself as a proudly Indian company that produces animal food with premium nutrition. This unwavering commitment to quality ensures first-time customers become loyal patrons, recognizing Taiyo’s reliability in a crowded market.

11. How important are distribution networks and e-commerce for sales and awareness?

Mr. Prabakar Ramasamy : Distribution networks and e-commerce play equally important and indispensable roles in the pet food industry, impacting both sales and brand awareness. A robust distribution network ensures widespread product availability, enhancing brand visibility and directly contributing to increased pet food sales. E-commerce, on the other hand, provides customers with direct access to a wide array of pet food options. It not only streamlines purchases but also allows for targeted marketing efforts, expanding brand reach. In today’s digital era, a strong presence in both channels is absolutely essential for pet food companies seeking to connect with customers and achieve lasting success.

My vision for Taiyo India is one of continuous growth – we are determined to become the most globally trusted pet food brand within the next decade.”

Prabakar Ramasamy, Founder & CEO, Taiyo Feed Mill

12. What is your vision for Taiyo’s future growth?

Mr. Prabakar Ramasamy : My vision for Taiyo India is one of continuous growth – we are determined to become the most globally trusted pet food brand within the next decade. This ambition entails setting new benchmarks of quality and innovation within the industry, fostering a profound bond between pets and their owners worldwide. To achieve this, Taiyo is strategically diversifying its product range, venturing into in-house production of aquatic and bird accessories, and introducing a premium food brand for dogs and cats. Our commitment to innovation is showcased by our status as the first Indian manufacturer to offer hand-feeding for baby birds under the ‘Petslife’ brand. With a recent revenue surge of 60 crores, our company envisions reaching five hundred crores within the next ten years, solidifying our relentless pursuit of excellence. I would like to emphasize the importance of fostering trust in Indian products, encouraging more purchases proudly labeled “Made in India.” This multifaceted approach embodies Taiyo’s unwavering dedication, and I anticipate significant global recognition for our contributions to the pet food industry.

Mr. Prabakar Ramasamy with his family – TAIYO, from one family to another, delivering health and happiness in every pet meal

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