Dino nutritious whole food is a new healthy option for Indian pets

Homemade Meals for Healthier, Happier Dogs

Dino Pet food founders D R Tejas and Aman Jain
Dino Pet food duo founders D R Tejas and Aman Jain

Dino, a pet nutrition brand, is revolutionizing pet care with its mission to provide whole, preservative-free dog food that enhances the lifespan and well-being of dogs across India. Based out of Bangalore, Dino prides itself on having an in-house production unit that utilizes the best ingredients for pets.

Founded by D R Tejas and Aman Jain, both alumni of BITS Pilani, Dino emerged from the founders’ deep personal passion for pets. Their experiences of loss underscored the critical impact that nutrition and care have on a pet’s health and longevity, inspiring them to create Dino.

” We founded Dino with the vision of offering pet parents a better, more wholesome option for their beloved companions,” says D R Tejas, Co-founder of Dino

Range of Fresh Wet Food from Dino

Dino introduces a product range of five amazing recipes available in 200gm and300 gm retort pouches, all of which are perfectly balanced and healthy for your dog: Angel Chick’n, Space Sheep, Funky Fish, Chill Paneer, and Jr White.

Utilizing state-of-the-art retort technology, originally used to pack food for astronauts, Dino ensures the utmost freshness, preserving the nutritional value and aroma of their meals. Dino Whole Foods does not require refrigeration and has no preservatives so pet parents can enjoy the convenience of ready-to-eat fresh meals without the worry of additives.

 “Our goal is to provide dogs with the nutrition they need to thrive, while also making it convenient and accessible for pet parents,” says Aman Jain, Co-founder of Dino

Dino’s commitment to innovation and pet welfare has attracted significant support, including seed funding from PIEDS and Angel Investor Mukesh Sharma.

Sachin Arya, Head of PIEDS, shares his enthusiasm for Dino, stating, “Dino’s dedication to pet welfare aligns perfectly with PIEDS’ mission to support early-stage ‘Make in India’ startups. We believe in Dino’s potential to impact the pet care industry positively, and we’re excited to be a part of their journey.”

Angel Investor Mukesh Sharma, Founder Chairperson of Prometheus School, Noida, and Founder of QA InfoTech, also praises Dino and its founders. “I am impressed by the passion and dedication of Dino’s founders in addressing the need for high-quality pet nutrition in India. Their innovative approach to pet care has the potential to transform the industry and improve the lives of countless pets and their parents. I have witnessed how Dino’s pet food has become a favorite among my dogs, and I am proud to support a brand that prioritizes the health and happiness of our dogs.”

Dino also fuels Yati Gaur and his best friend, an indie dog, to walk across India over 10,000km by now. Yati and Butter rely on Dino whole food to sustain Butter through diverse terrains and challenges they encounter. The nutritional quality and convenience of Dino’s meals ensure that Butter remains healthy and energetic, showcasing the real-world benefits of a balanced diet.

Explorers Yati Gaur and his indie pet Butter always rely on Dino whole pet foods on long trips

Yati shares, ” I get to enjoy different cuisines as I reach new places, however, it is difficult for me to find suitable food for butter everywhere I go. Dino provides the necessary nutrients and energy for our long treks, without the need to refrigerate or the concern of preservatives.”

Additionally, Dino has garnered support from the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), further validating its commitment to excellence and innovation in pet care.
With Dino’s innovative approach and dedication to pet health, the future of pet care in India looks brighter than ever. Pet parents can trust Dino.co.in to provide their furry friends with the nourishment they need to live long, happy, and healthy lives.


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