Saturday, June 15, 2024

    Journey Canine Food brings the goodness of raw BARF diets to Indian pets

    Embark on a healthier journey for your dog with Journey Canine Raw Food. Learn about the benefits of raw feeding in India!
    Worms Choice logo with green leaf motif, signifying eco-friendly commitment

    Worms Choice: India’s Eco-Friendly Brand for Pet Care Products

    Worms Choice offers eco-friendly pet products India. Choose compostable solutions and support a greener future for pets and the planet.
    Ananyaa Goel Founder Pet Belly

    Ananyaa Goel, Founder of The Pet Belly: India’s fresh pet food delivery pioneer

    Is your pet's food full of preservatives? The Pet Belly offers fresh pet food delivery in India for healthier, happier companions.

    Waggy Zone founder Darshankaur Khalsa: From dog mom to pet ice-cream innovator

    Darshankaur Khalsa's Waggy Zone brings healthy, delicious ice creams to Indian dogs.
    Barker's Dozen: Premium Pet Treats India

    Barker’s Dozen Pet Bakery: Premium pet nutrition born from passion

    Seeking premium dog treats in India? Barker's Dozen crafts healthy, delicious snacks for your furry friend.

    Freshwoof leads India’s plant-based pet nutrition revolution

    Freshwoof is leading a plant-powered revolution in pet nutrition in India, with their veterinarian-formulated, plant-based dog food.

    Signate brings innovation to companion animal supplements

    Signate distinguishes itself as an innovative startup committed to advancing companion animal well-being through scientifically formulated supplements.

    Augie – Champions of innovation in pet care

    Led by CEO Mr. Parthasarthy, Augie has pioneered products like Canine Caviar and services like pet insurance to set new benchmarks in the Indian pet care industry.

    Dr. Native launches nanotech pet care range in India

    Dr. Native Pet Rescue has launched nanotechnology-based pet care products in India using natural nanosilver and nanogold for antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and immunity boosting benefits.

    Petfolk’s visionary founder Laxmikanth is transforming pet care services

    Petfolk is transforming pet care in India through services like grooming, supplements, training, and more under founder Laxmikanth.