Ingrid Smolders joins Harley’s Corner as Chief Nutritionist

Renowned orthomolecular therapist brings focus on health and wellness to the Indian pet food market


The Power of Nutrition: From Personal Experience to Canine Expertise

Ingrid Smolders‘ journey as an orthomolecular therapist ignited a deep passion for health and its inseparable link to her love for dogs. While studying the intricate balance of nutrients for optimal human health, her work with dogs facing behavioral challenges sparked a curiosity about their dietary needs. Determined to bridge these fields, Smolders pursued extensive training in canine nutrition. The scientific principles of orthomolecular therapy became the foundation of her approach to improving dogs’ lives.

A turning point came when Smolders’ own dog, Nikki, fell seriously ill. With traditional veterinary treatments proving ineffective, Smolders drew upon her orthomolecular knowledge to craft a specialized nutritional regimen. Nikki’s remarkable recovery solidified Smolders’ belief in the power of food as medicine and ignited a mission to use nutrition as both a preventive and healing tool for dogs everywhere.

A Shared Mission: Harley’s Corner and a Passion for Healthy Dogs

Smolders’ commitment to education led her to found her own academy for Canine Nutrition in Europe. When a student asked about companies specializing in wet food for dogs, Smolders discovered Harley’s Corner in India. Her long-standing connection with India made her eager to learn more about the company. She reached out to Ishmeet Singh Chandiok, the founder of Harley’s Corner. Their shared love for their dogs – Harley for Chandiok, and Nikki for Smolders – laid the groundwork for an exciting collaboration.

Discovering their mutual passion for improving canine well-being, Smolders and Chandiok joined forces. She came on board as Harley’s Corner’s Chief Nutritionist.

Women Shaping the Indian Pet Industry

Over the years, Smolders has witnessed firsthand the evolving role of women in the Indian pet industry during her visits. “The change is inspiring,” she observes. “Women are increasingly taking leadership positions across veterinary medicine and pet-related businesses. It gives me great optimism for the future of the pet space in India.”

“Women are increasingly taking leadership positions across veterinary medicine and pet-related businesses. It gives me great optimism for the future of the pet space in India
– Ingrid Smolders

Looking Ahead: Global Ambitions for Health-Focused Pet Food

Smolders is thrilled to be part of Harley’s Corner’s growth story, both within India and internationally. She believes Harley’s Corner is well-positioned for success in the global market. Smolders looks forward to future visits to India where she can help spread the importance of balanced, nutritious food as the foundation for dogs’ health.

About Ingrid Smolders Ingrid Smolders is a European orthomolecular therapist specializing in canine nutrition and the founder of an academy dedicated to this field. She brings years of experience and a passion for improving the lives of dogs to her role as Chief Nutritionist at Harley’s Corner.

About Harley’s Corner Harley’s Corner is an Indian pet food company focused on nutritious and wholesome options for dogs. Their passion for quality ingredients and balanced formulas reflects the growing commitment within India to better pet health.

Ingrid’s expertise and passion for animal health are an incredible asset to Harley’s Corner. Her knowledge elevates our mission to provide dogs with the best possible nutrition
– Ishmeet Singh Chandiok


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