Waggy Zone founder Darshankaur Khalsa: From dog mom to pet ice-cream innovator

Indian Woman Entrepreneur Revolutionizes Pet Treats


Darshankaur Khalsa’s journey in the pet industry is nothing short of extraordinary. Inspired by her beloved dog, Tyra, she combined her family background in ice cream making with her passion for pets to create Waggy Zone, India’s pioneering brand of dog-friendly ice creams. On the eve of World Women’s Day, we celebrate her success and the valuable insights she offers aspiring entrepreneurs.

The Seeds of Entrepreneurship

Darshankaur’s entrepreneurial roots were sown in her father’s ice cream factory, where an emphasis on equality and understanding became the foundation of her future leadership style. A strong proponent of women’s empowerment, she implemented supportive policies for working mothers at her own manufacturing unit.

“My father taught me that every employee is an extension of your family. Treat them with respect and they will treat your business as their own.” – Darshankaur Khalsa

Waggy Zone: A Treat for Furry Friends

After in-depth research and development, Waggy Zone launched with a delectable range of dog-safe ice creams in flavors like mango, banana, and blueberry. Despite initial challenges in logistics and market education, Darshankaur’s persistence led to Waggy Zone becoming a nationally recognized and loved brand.

“I saw a gap in the market for healthy and delicious frozen treats for dogs. That’s how Waggy Zone was born.” – Darshankaur Khalsa

PETS OF PARADISE – The parent company

Community Building and Expansion

After SharkTank, to expand her business, she merged her company with another pet entrepreneur Hari Shankar, and has co-founded Pets of Paradise, which is now the umbrella brand, where more Indianised products would be added to the market. Thereby expanding the business and yet keeping the niche of Waggy intact.

Darshankaur’s passion extends beyond creating innovative products. She actively fosters a supportive community for women pet entrepreneurs, particularly in Maharashtra. Her initiative, Pets of Paradise, unites pet parents under the playful banners of “Team Milo” (dog parents) and “Team Booshy” (cat parents).

Recognition and Growth

Darshankaur’s innovative spirit has been recognized both nationally and internationally. Accolades such as the Nari Shakti Award (2018) and the Young Innovators Award at the Women Economic Forum (2019) further strengthened Waggy Zone’s position and opened doors to global expansion.

Receiving the Nari Shakti Awards in 2018

Shark Tank Success and Beyond

“Shark Tank India was a pivotal moment. It not only validated my vision but also led to strategic partnerships.” – Darshankaur Khalsa

Darshankaur’s appearance on Shark Tank India Season 2 elevated Waggy Zone’s profile and facilitated a merger with Pets Of Paradise. This move strategically broadens her reach within the Indian pet market, further solidifying her commitment to providing the best possible pet care solutions.

Darshankaur Khalsa is a true inspiration, demonstrating that passion, innovation, and a strong work ethic can pave the way for entrepreneurial success

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