Petsnugs: Where every tail tells a tale of Love and Care

The Journey of Petsnugs - From Local Pet Apparel Brand to Comprehensive Pet Care Experience


In the bustling textile hub of Ludhiana, where the fusion of tradition and innovation creates a vibrant tapestry, Petsnugs was born. Originating as a Pet’s Apparels Brand, this venture, founded by Adesh Oswal, an MBA from NMIMS Mumbai having work experience of more than 7 years, transcended the realm of fashion to redefine the holistic experience of pet care.

Genesis of Passion:

Adesh Oswal, Founder, Petsnugs

Adesh Oswal’s love for pets sparked the creation of Petsnugs. Evolving from a pet apparel brand to a comprehensive pet care experience, the founder’s strategic vision, infused a unique spirit into the brand.

From Ludhiana to the World:
With its roots in Ludhiana, Petsnugs quickly expanded beyond local boundaries. Present in nearly 70 outlets and available in 15 major marketplaces, Petsnugs became a hallmark of quality and care. The brand’s journey was not just geographical; it was a testament to the universal bond shared between pets and their families.

E-Commerce Prowess:
Understanding the importance of a digital presence, Petsnugs established itself online with its own website. This digital platform became a haven where pet parents could access the brand’s offerings with a click. More than a website, it was a digital sanctuary for pet lovers.

A Symphony of Products:

Petsnugs isn’t just about what pets wear; it’s about the comprehensive care they receive. The brand’s line of grooming products, including the renowned Anti Tick & Flea Shampoo, became a sensory delight. The Fur Fresh Shampoo, combining tea tree oil and aloe vera, transformed grooming into a revitalizing experience.

Fashion for Every Forecast:
Beyond grooming, Petsnugs ventured into practical elegance. The introduction of raincoats offered a fashionable solution to weather challenges. Now, pets could strut in style, rain or shine, showcasing the brand’s commitment to both aesthetics and functionality.

Tech Meets Tails:
Petsnugs, ever at the forefront of innovation, introduced NFC tags. These tags, more than identifiers, became a bridge of communication between pets and their human companions. It wasn’t just a tag; it was a digital dialogue.

The Next Chapter:
As Petsnugs adorned pets with fashionable kurtas, filled homes with the fragrance of Musk Flavoured Cologne, and embraced technological innovations, a new chapter unfolded. The brand, poised at the intersection of tradition and modernity, is setting its sights on horizons yet unexplored.

Expanding Horizons:
Looking beyond apparel and grooming, Petsnugs is gearing up to venture into diverse categories—food, toys, accessories, and more. Petsnugs aims to be a comprehensive solution for every aspect of a pet’s life. It’s not just a brand; it’s a lifestyle.

A Global Canvas:
Rooted in Ludhiana’s culture, Petsnugs is embracing a global outlook. The brand’s aspiration knows no borders. The next frontier is international markets, where Petsnugs seeks to weave its narrative into the lives of pets and pet lovers worldwide.

A Community of Pet Enthusiasts:
Beyond transactions, Petsnugs has nurtured a community. The brand has become more than a seller—it’s a companion in every pet parent’s journey. Social media reverberates with the laughter, love, and shared stories of the Petsnugs community.

The Unfinished Tale:
As Petsnugs readies itself for the chapters yet unwritten, each product, each innovation is a brushstroke on a canvas that celebrates the extraordinary in the ordinary. The tale isn’t just about a brand; it’s about every wag, every purr, and every leap that defines the unique bond shared with our pets.
In the ever-evolving story of Petsnugs, every pet, every family, and every market is a chapter waiting to be written. Welcome to a brand where every tail tells a tale—a tale of love, care, and the extraordinary bond we share with our pets.


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