Oscar Daisy: Bringing the joy of fresh food to India’s pets

Healthier, Happier Pets: The Oscar Daisy Difference

Oscar Daisy: Dog eagerly eating from a bowl of fresh pet food
Praveen Mohan, Founder at Oscar Daisy Fresh Pet Nutrition

Oscar Daisy: Freshening India’s Pet Food Market with Innovation and Personalization

India’s pet food market is undergoing a significant transformation. As pet ownership rises alongside disposable incomes, discerning pet parents are seeking healthier, more transparent alternatives to traditional processed kibble and canned options. Chennai-based Oscar Daisy is leading this charge, disrupting the status quo with its fresh, human-grade pet meals, meticulously formulated by experts and tailored to each dog’s unique needs.

The Genesis: A Pet Parent’s Quest for Better

Oscar Daisy was founded in 2019 by Praveen Mohan. His own quest for quality nutrition for his dog, Arima, exposed a lack of fresh, personalized options. “India’s pet food market was dominated by mass-produced formulas with questionable ingredient lists,” Praveen explains. “I realized that to truly prioritize our pets’ health, we had to take a radically different approach.”

Backed by Science, Fueled by Passion

Oscar Daisy’s success hinges on its unwavering commitment to science-backed nutrition. Each recipe is crafted in collaboration with Dr. Juliet Decaestecker, a leading European integrative veterinarian renowned for her holistic approach to animal wellness. The emphasis is on quality: fresh, locally sourced whole foods, ethically procured meats, and a complete absence of preservatives, by-products, and rendered ingredients. “It’s about understanding dog physiology and using the power of real food to enhance their lives,” Dr. Decaestecker emphasizes.

Beyond ingredients, Oscar Daisy focuses on customization. Each dog receives a personalized nutrition plan factoring in breed, age, weight, activity levels, and any existing health conditions – a level of attention unseen in the conventional pet food market.

“I realized that to truly prioritize our pets’ health, we had to take a radically different approach.”
– Praveen Mohan , Founder

Disruption Delivered to Your Door

Oscar Daisy’s subscription-based model caters to the convenience-driven lifestyle of modern pet owners. Pre-portioned meals, tailored to the dog’s specifications, are delivered fresh to customers’ doorsteps, eliminating the guesswork and hassle of traditional pet food.

Tangible Results, Devoted Community

The impact is evident: Oscar Daisy boasts a rapidly growing customer base across Chennai, Bangalore, and Tamil Nadu, with their fresh treats delighting pups nationwide. The company reports a high customer retention rate, fueled by pet parents witnessing transformative improvements in their dogs’ energy, digestion, coat quality, and overall wellbeing.

Investor Considerations: A Market Ripe for Change

The global fresh pet food market is experiencing exponential growth, with projections indicating it will surpass the traditional dry food segment in the coming years. India, with its expanding pet-owning middle class and rising awareness of pet nutrition, is perfectly positioned to mirror this trend. Oscar Daisy’s proven model, its commitment to quality, and its enthusiastic customer base make it a prime contender to capture significant market share.

Ambitions of a Healthier Future

“Our vision is grand,” declares Praveen. “We want every pet in India to have access to the nutrition they need to thrive. With Oscar Daisy, we’re not just changing how dogs eat; we’re redefining the very concept of what it means to care for our furry companions.”

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