Discover The Bark Group- Mumbai’s pet parents get the royal treatment

A suite of exceptional pet-related services prioritizes convenience, compassion, and unmatched amenities for both pets and their humans.


Mumbai, with its vibrant energy and limited living spaces, offers pet parents unique joys and challenges. Recognizing this, Shyamax Presswalla, a passionate animal lover and entrepreneur, founded The Bark Group in 2016. This innovative company offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to make pet ownership a joyous, hassle-free experience.

“Pets offer us unconditional love, and their companionship is incredibly enriching,” Presswalla explains. “The Bark Group exists to celebrate this special bond, ensuring that pets thrive, and their humans have the support they need for convenient, stress-free pet parenting.”

The Bark Group stands apart with its three core divisions:

Established in 2016, The Bark Club stands as a luxurious retreat for Mumbai’s furry residents. It boasts an array of unparalleled amenities. Pets luxuriate in spacious, air-conditioned enclosures, ensuring comfort even in Mumbai’s warmer months. A palatial 2500 sq. ft. common play area fosters joyful socialization, while a 25-foot swimming pool (the longest in the city!) keeps water-loving pups happily entertained.

The Bark Club goes the extra mile with a convenient chauffeur service and flexible visiting hours, allowing pet parents to stay connected at their convenience. Meals are customized to each pet’s dietary needs, with every effort made to make their stay feel like a true getaway. Stringent hygiene standards, including specialized antibacterial flooring and 24/7 CCTV access, provide pet parents with complete peace of mind.

Relocating with a beloved pet can be complex and emotionally draining. Founded in 2019, The Bark Traveller understands the unique anxieties families face and offers a bespoke solution. Having navigated his own pet’s relocation, Presswalla is intimately aware of the challenges involved. The Bark Traveller provides in-depth support, including in-home pet assessments, veterinary visits, customized crate building as per IATA regulations, thorough coordination with quarantine offices and labs, and seamless airline booking. Their commitment even extends to airport accompaniment for departing pets (from Mumbai), ensuring they have a familiar, comforting presence during those final moments.

The Bark Traveller Brings a Furry Family Together

“Before finding The Bark Traveller, the prospect of moving to Singapore with my senior cat, Milo, filled me with dread. However, their team made the process incredibly smooth. They handled everything from vet visits and paperwork to coordinating with the airline and quarantine officials. Milo arrived safely and adjusted to his new home amazingly well – it’s been the best decision for our family, and I couldn’t have done it without them.” – Shruti M., Bandra

The Bark Traveller’s dedication is evident in its track record – over 1000 successful domestic and global relocations across countries like Dubai, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, the USA, and Canada. Their service motto, “No pet to be left behind,” speaks volumes about their personalized approach.

The Bark Tub, the most recent addition to The Bark Group, delivers exceptional grooming and spa services. Pets receive personalized care, whether it’s a simple bath, a stylish haircut, or a luxurious spa treatment with soothing aromatherapy and gentle massage.

Compassion at the Core

While The Bark Group excels with its innovative offerings, its true strength lies in its unwavering love for animals. “There’s something incredibly pure about the connection we share with animals,” Presswalla shares. “It’s this profound love that drives every decision we make.”

The Bark Group’s success is a testament to the growing demand for premium pet care in Mumbai. By anticipating the unique needs of the city’s pet parents, The Bark Group delivers an unparalleled level of support and convenience, allowing pet owners to experience the boundless joy of pet companionship worry-free


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