Harley’s Corner: Crafting a nutritional haven for our furry friends

India's Leader in Fresh, Human-Grade Pet Food

Ishmeet Singh Chandiok, Founder - Harley's Corner. Also known as The Dog Chef . He is a Canine Nutritionist & Hospitality Specialist

Harley’s Corner stands as a trailblazer in the pet food industry, reshaping the landscape with its innovative and personalized solutions designed to cater to the dietary needs and health concerns of canines. Regardless of age, breed, or specific health conditions, Harley’s Corner offers a comprehensive selection of gourmet wet food products crafted from 100% human-grade ingredients in the form of delectable ready-to-eat meals and the first ever Pour Over Sauces. Harley’s Corner is also the only brand in India that uses a proprietary pre-mix, that allows the food to be 100% balanced in over 40 parameters; be it Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, Fatty Acids, etc. All products are designed based on the FEDIAF and AAFCO guidelines, which are the pet food controlling bodies in Europe and the United States respectively.

The inception of Harley’s Corner traces back to a modest origin, rooted in the founder Ishmeet Singh Chandiok’s personal journey with his cherished pet, Harley, whom he rescued from a construction site in Mumbai. What began as a quest to provide Harley with wholesome, nutritious homemade meals evolved into a passionate mission for Ishmeet. Word quickly spread, establishing Ishmeet as the revered “doggie dabbawalla” within the community.

Emphasizing the significance of wholesome nutrition, Ishmeet asserts, “Just as humans benefit from freshly prepared home-cooked meals, so do our furry companions.” Harley’s Corner adheres to the principles advocated by modern nutritionists, advocating for regional and locally sourced ingredients to ensure optimal health for pets. With Ishmeet’s expertise in canine nutrition and background in hotel management, the brand further elevated its standards by enlisting the expertise of ortho-molecular canine nutritionist, Ingrid Smolders. Ishmeet highlights, “Partnering with Ingrid ensures that every meal meets the highest standards of quality and nutrition,” underscoring the brand’s unwavering commitment to excellence. Having Ingrid as part of the team gives Harley’s Corner that competitive edge and allows Harley’s Corner to benchmark their products against the world’s best brands.

Harley’s Corner endeavors to simplify the lives of pet parents seeking nutritious options amidst their busy schedules. “Our aim is to make nutritious pet food accessible to all pet parents,” affirms Ishmeet. The packaged meals and sauces uses state-of-the-art retort technology, eliminating the need for harmful chemical preservatives, guaranteeing safety and quality in every meal. This makes them not just convenient to use and store at home but also very useful to take on journeys with your pet.

The brand recently announced an exclusive partnership with IHCL SeleQtions Hotels, extending its commitment to provide pet parents with a hassle-free solution for their furry companions. The premium dog food is presently available over 24 SeleQtions hotels, a named collection of hotels, and soon, the offering will expand to include Vivanta as well. Pet parents can conveniently order this delectable fare from the In-Room Dining, allowing their four-legged companions to enjoy a taste of luxury alongside their owners.

Customers can explore Harley’s Corner’s extensive range of offerings through its user-friendly website, www.harleyscorner.com, featuring an array of ready-to-eat meals and pour-over sauces. Whether your pet prefers traditional kibble or is open to culinary adventures, there is a suitable option for every palate. Additionally, the convenient monthly subscription option ensures that furry companions never miss out on their favourite flavours of nourishing goodness.

Looking ahead, Harley’s Corner aims to introduce Therapeutic and Puppy food, addressing the market demand for wet food tailored to specific requirements at an affordable price point from a trusted homegrown brand.

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