Thursday, June 13, 2024

    Beyond Conventional Care: Unveiling Veterinary Homeopathy with Goel Vet Pharma

    Learn how Goel Vet Pharma is leading the way in veterinary homeopathy in India, offering natural, effective solutions for animal wellness.
    Arpita Thakur, Founder and Canine Nutrition Expert at Eternal Canine

    Arpita Thakur, renowned pet nutritionist decoding pet nutrition trends in India

    Discover how Arpita Thakur's journey led her to a career helping dogs through optimal nutrition in India.
    Anand Pittie & Kushal Pittie, Directors of ABK Imports

    ABK Imports- India’s leading pet grooming brand, talks market trends & innovation

    Learn the latest in pet grooming trends India from the experts at ABK Imports.

    Charting Drools India’s Rise: Insights from CEO Dr. Shashank Sinha

    Drools CEO Dr. Sinha on innovation in the booming Indian pet food market.
    Dr. Vinod Sharma HEAD VETERINARIAN, DCC Animal Hospital

    Chief Vet Dr. Vinod Sharma of DCC Animal Hospital predicts tech & compassion will...

    Discover the latest in pet care India with Dr. Sharma of DCC Animal Hospital. Technology, compassion, and welfare top the trends.
    Mr. Prabakar Ramasamy,Founder CEO Taiyo Feed Mill

    Taiyo Feed Mill: Elevating pet nutrition with quality and innovation

    Discover India's pet food industry growth with Taiyo Feed Mill's CEO. Learn about quality, innovation, and future plans.

    Innomalous revolutionizes pet food: CEO Abhishek Agarwal shares vision

    Abhishek Agarwal, CEO of Innomalous, discusses the company's journey, challenges, and vision for the pet industry. Discover insights into quality, sustainability, and future aspirations in this exclusive interview

    PETEX INDIA’s journey over 6 editions – A conversation with T.G. Srikanth, Business Head,...

    In an interview, PETEX India's Project Director T.G. Srikanth outlines the evolution, growth, and future vision for India's leading pet industry trade show