Dr. Kasturi Bhadsavle pioneering advanced veterinary ophthalmology care in India

Dr. Kasturi Bhadsavle's Impact on Pet Ophthalmology in India

Dr Kasturi Bhadsavle, Founder, The Eye Vet Clinic

Dr. Kasturi Bhadsavle is a prominent veterinarian spearheading the advancement of veterinary ophthalmology services across India. As the founder of The Eye Vet Clinics, the country’s first dedicated veterinary ophthalmology clinics, Dr. Bhadsavle has been deeply committed to revolutionizing pet eye care through specialized services, compassionate support, and widespread education.

Born surrounded by animals on a farm, Dr. Bhadsavle felt drawn to veterinary medicine from a young age, inspired by her parents’ work in cancer research and agriculture. After graduating from Bombay Veterinary College in 2004, early experiences with horses at the racetrack solidified her interest in the veterinary field. However, Dr. Bhadsavle soon recognized the scarcity of veterinary ophthalmologists in the country and the immense need for specialized eye care for animals. Determined to fill this gap, she decided to focus her post-graduate training on veterinary ophthalmology and surgery.

Intensive training programs and collaborations with international experts gave Dr. Bhadsavle the opportunity to hone her skills and knowledge in the emerging specialty. However, witnessing countless animals suffer from treatable eye diseases due to lack of access to ophthalmic care motivated her to take her passion further. In 2019, Dr. Bhadsavle established The Eye Vet Clinics, India’s pioneering veterinary ophthalmology clinics, with locations in Mumbai and Pune. Now celebrating a new chapter in eye care—The Eye Vet Clinic Gurugram branch is officially open!

The Eye Vet Clinics offer a range of advanced ophthalmic treatments from expert veterinary ophthalmologists focused solely on animal eye care. Utilizing cutting-edge diagnostic tools and techniques, the clinics provide specialized services like cataract and corneal surgery, glaucoma management, and targeted pharmaceuticals to effectively treat eye diseases in pets. The team also performs sight saving ophthalmic procedures, such as corneal grafting, that were previously unavailable in India.

In only a decade, The Eye Vet Clinics have made remarkable strides advancing veterinary ophthalmology in the country. They have achieved an enviable 90-95% success rate for cataract removal surgeries in dogs and cats. Additionally, managing complicated conditions like glaucoma through medication and surgery has helped save dogs from blindness. Beyond direct pet care services, Dr. Bhadsavle aims to expand training opportunities in veterinary ophthalmology within India. Through collaborations with international experts, The Eye Vet Clinics provide structured learning programs to train the next generation of specialists focused on this vital field.

According to Dr. Bhadsavle, lack of awareness and limited specialized veterinary services have been the biggest challenges for pet eye care in India. Pet owners often miss the early signs of ocular diseases, leading to permanent vision loss and discomfort that could have been addressed through prompt veterinary attention. To combat this, she tirelessly works on educating pet owners on the importance of routine ophthalmic checkups and vigilant monitoring for any abnormalities. Her clinics also aim to make advanced treatments more accessible across the country.

Dr. Bhadsavle stresses that pet owners should watch for key signs of eye problems including redness, swelling, discharge, excessive blinking, visibility of the third eyelid, and changes in the eyes. Any discomfort, behavioral shifts, or vision issues noticed in pets should be immediately evaluated by a veterinarian. She advises pet owners to adhere to preventative steps like regular veterinary exams, proper nutrition with taurine for cats and dogs, and protection from irritants and injuries. Proper eye health management and care early on is essential to avoid complications and permanent damage.

For pets requiring eye surgery, Dr. Bhadsavle’s clinics provide meticulous perioperative care and follow-up to ensure optimal outcomes. She emphasizes strict adherence to recovery instructions and medication schedules, constant monitoring for any abnormalities post-surgery, and clear communication with the veterinary ophthalmologist overseeing the case. Surgeries like cataract removal and corneal grafting can alter life style & restore vision dramatically when performed by experienced specialists.

As pets reach their senior years, age-related eye diseases become increasingly common. Dr. Bhadsavle highlights conditions like dry eye, cataracts, and retinal degeneration that may arise and require proactive management. Regular veterinary ophthalmology evaluations, prompt attention to any changes, and lifestyle adjustments to support aging pets are key to preserving their quality of life. She stresses that maintaining eye health should be a lifelong priority for pet owners.

Through her pioneering veterinary ophthalmology clinics and advocacy, Dr. Kasturi Bhadsavle has elevated the quality and availability of specialized eye care for pets across India. Her team’s compassionate care and commitment to education continue to make a remarkable difference in the lives of countless animals and pet owners. Dr. Bhadsavle’s trailblazing work ensures ever-improving veterinary ophthalmology services in the country and a brighter outlook for pets affected by vision-threatening diseases.


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