JUSTDOGS: Pet food for street dogs campaign goes viral

Social media initiative proves compassion can end pet hunger in India


Social Media Fueling Social Change

In a heartwarming display of generosity fueled by social media, JUSTDOGS, the leading pet care brand in India, has successfully completed a touching campaign titled “Unconditionally Yours.” The initiative, launched via an Instagram reel, made a simple yet powerful promise: one meal for a street dog (“streetie”) for every comment received.

The response was overwhelming. The reel exploded with over 280,000 comments, exceeding 575,000 likes, and was shared over 23,000 times – reaching a staggering 7.5 million views. Celebrities including Jacqueline Fernandez, Bhumi Pednekar, and Malaika Arora amplified the message by engaging with the post, bringing even wider visibility to the cause.

JUSTDOGS donates pet food to street dog in India

Turning Comments into Compassion

True to its word, JUSTDOGS has already distributed over 10,000 meals to street dogs, embodying the spirit of unconditional love. The campaign demonstrates the power of social media to ignite compassion and mobilize communities for a worthy cause.

The outpouring of support inspired JUSTDOGS to expand its message. The company is now encouraging everyone to extend kindness to street dogs in their own neighborhoods. “Don’t let any streetie near you go hungry,” JUSTDOGS urges. “Let’s strive to ensure they never sleep on an empty stomach.” This call to action reinforces the core theme of “Unconditionally Yours” – that small acts of kindness hold immense transformative potential.

JUSTDOGS: Leading with Heart

The “Unconditionally Yours” campaign highlights JUSTDOGS’ commitment to social responsibility within the pet care industry and spotlights the ability of social media to foster positive change. Most importantly, this initiative directly improves the lives of countless street dogs.

“We are humbled by the response to our campaign,” says a JUSTDOGS spokesperson. “It proves that together, we can make a real difference in the lives of animals who need our help.”

Beyond Feeding: Creating a Compassionate Movement

While feeding hungry street dogs is the campaign’s immediate goal, JUSTDOGS hopes to inspire a broader movement of compassion towards animals. The company aims to raise awareness about the challenges faced by street dogs and encourage responsible pet ownership practices.

Let’s embrace this spirit and join hands in creating a world where no street dog goes hungry. Join the conversation online, share JUSTDOGS’ message, and consider supporting organizations working for animal welfare in your community


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