The ‘Happy Puppy’ Revolution: Drishti Brahmania’s holistic approach to pet care

Drishti Bhramania's passion for holistic pet wellness led to the creation of Happy Puppy Organics, a brand revolutionizing pet care in India.

Drishti Brahmania, Founder, Happy Puppy Organics
Drishti Brahmania, Founder, Happy Puppy Organics

In a rapidly evolving pet care industry, Happy Puppy Organics has emerged as a trailblazer, championing holistic and organic solutions for our furry companions. Founded by Drishti Brahmania, the brand has garnered a loyal following of pet parents seeking natural alternatives for their pets’ well-being.

Join us as we sit down with Drishti to delve into her entrepreneurial journey, the challenges she overcame, and the unwavering passion that drives Happy Puppy Organics’ commitment to providing high-quality, organic pet care products. From her kitchen experiments to a flourishing brand, Drishti’s story is an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and a testament to the growing demand for natural pet wellness in India.

Q: Happy Puppy Organics began as a passion project. Could you describe the ‘spark’ that ignited your journey as a pet care entrepreneur? From the initial idea to a thriving brand, what was a defining moment when you knew this was truly something special?

Drishti : I’ve always been interested in business, pets and holistic treatments. It all aligned when I was trying to find a solution to one of our dogs recurring atopic dermatitis. No shampoo, medicine or treatment worked at the time. It pushed me to research more about the ingredients found in petcare products, delve right into learning skincare formulation and aromatherapy. That’s when I made our first natural shampoo in my kitchen, it worked in less than a week’s time. After word of mouth grew, I created an instagram page. Pet parents loved every product I created, and came back with such amazing feedback – that’s when I knew I had created something very special.

Q: Building a business comes with obstacles. What was a significant hurdle you faced early on, and how did you overcome it? Walk us through the launch of Happy Puppy Organics. Did you initially focus on retail outlets, direct-to-consumer sales, or a hybrid approach?

Drishti : We initially launched with just an instagram page, then came our website, other third party collaborations with Petsy, BellyRubs came our way. Since our production has always been small batch, we create the freshest products, which is why our approach has always been Direct to consumer sales. We are now available on Amazon too, and we’re slowly reaching out to niche retail stores.

Q: “Holistic and Organic” were likely less common buzzwords in Indian pet care when you started. How did you identify this unmet need in the market?

Drishti : I didn’t really focus on the buzzwords, just principles that we stick to. Example: Most of the ingredients we source are certified organic, our formulations are in line with USDA organic standards.

I am a self proclaimed nerd. I thrive when I’m doing research. I learnt early on that there are various layers to healing, that what you see on the outside is mostly just a symptom or a manifestation of a problem going on on the inside. Which meant it needed a holistic approach. I wanted to create a range of products that help dogs on every level – which is why our range includes grooming products, skincare products, nutritional and functional supplements along with aromatherapy products that help anxiety.

Q: “Happy Puppy” evokes a sense of joy. How did you craft your brand identity, and what does it mean to you?

Drishti : I tend to visualise every thought I have. So when I was brainstorming and thinking of brand names, I thought of what my client would look like – a very Happy Puppy!

Q: Finding investment early on can be crucial. How did you secure funding, and do you have advice for aspiring entrepreneurs on approaching investors?

Drishti : We are currently bootstrapped.

I wanted to create a range of products that help dogs on every level – which is why our range includes grooming products, skincare products, nutritional and functional supplements along with aromatherapy products that help anxiety.
Drishti Brahmania  

Q: Competition is fierce. How has Happy Puppy Organics set itself apart and created a loyal customer base?

Drishti : We like maintaining a personal relationship with our clients and focus heavily on having conversations with them. We have actually created some products currently in our portfolio to help some clients with specific issues they were facing. Example: We created our Herbal Hair Rinse to help Samantha Prabhu’s dog Hash who was going through a bad bout of allergic itching.

Q: Innovation matters! Tell about your manufacturing capabilities and the strict quality norms you company adheres to. Tell us about a product or formulation that you’re particularly proud of and the challenge it solves for pets.

Drishti : We currently hand make most of our products in house at our facility, and use third party manufacturers for products that require larger volumes like our oils, shampoos,floor cleaners, etc. We are GMP and ISO certified, we have an ayush license for our oils too, and our shampoos and floor cleaners are made at a FDA certified unit.

I’m the proudest of our Hemp Healing Balm. It can help practically any skin condition in a matter of hours or days, its completely lick safe. What’s more? We have recieved incredible feedback from not just pet parents who use it on their pets but use it themselves too!

Q: Let’s talk trends. Are there emerging demands in the Indian market that are distinctly  different from global pet care trends?

Drishti : I think there is a lot of demand for products that are ayurvedic or holistic in nature. The rate at which pet parents have accepted and want natural products for their pets in India is growing at an astonishingly fast pace.

Q: Indian pet parents come from diverse backgrounds. Are there any regional differences in how they choose pet products, or surprising commonalities?

Drishti : There isn’t a huge difference in how they choose products. The only time it comes to our notice is when the weather gets colder in the northern states, grooming as a whole gets slower for them during those months.

Q: Beyond marketing trends, why are organic products genuinely better for our pets? Would you debunk a common misconception about organic pet care?

Drishti : There’s a lot of green washing that happens with the term these days, where even influencers make a DIY recipe and call it organic to create buzz.

While organic is natural, we also make sure the other ingredients used in our products cause no harm to your pets what so over. There are studies that link the long term effects of using fragrances, low quality ingredients found in commercial products to hormonal issues and cancer. By making sure our products don’t include any of this, we make sure your pets thrive!

Q: Beyond sales, what metrics do you closely track to understand the health of your business and its growth potential?

Drishti : Our customer return rate is very important to us, we make it a personal mission to make sure you see results from the first time you make a purchase with us.

Q: Quality control is paramount. How do you guarantee the standard of your products, from ingredient sourcing to the finished item?

Drishti : Because we work with a lot of botanical ingredients, we have tied up with small certified organic farmers across India to source our ingredients from. The other ingredients we use are also sourced from certified organic sources, which come with a certificate of analysis. Since our production is small batch, quality checks are of absolute importance.

Q: Organic products can be perceived as ‘premium.’ How do you balance high quality with affordability for pet parents?

Drishti : We used to worry about pet parents seeing our slightly higher price point as a problem. But when they try out the product and see a difference, that no longer becomes a point of contention.

Q: In today’s digital age, how has social media transformed your ability to connect with pet parents?

Drishti : As a d2c small business that solely relies on user generated content, social media has played a massive role in connecting us to pet parents and helping us reach where we are today.

Q: What are your growth strategies? Are you exploring export opportunities or collaborations?

Drishti : We are currently exploring export opportunities and want to collaborate with vets. We believe our balm has a lot of potential in veterinary skincare.

Q: Work-life integration is a struggle for many. How do you find balance and recharge as a busy entrepreneur?

Drishti : I think I’m absolutely blessed because I love what I do and get to take my dogs to work! But when it does get overwhelming sometimes, I like to do the other things that I’m incredibly passionate about – travelling and baking!

Q: Mentorship matters. Did you have any mentors or role models that were instrumental to your business success?

Drishti : My dad was my biggest inspiration growing up, his invaluable mentoring was extremely instrumental to Happy Puppy’s success. The dog on our packaging has been illustrated by him.

Q: Let’s pay it forward. What advice would you give to other women considering entrepreneurship in the pet care sector?

Drishti : If this is something you feel passionately about, keep all the doubts aside and go for it!

Q: Finally, what’s your BIG vision for Happy Puppy Organics, and for the future of pet care in India as a whole?

Drishti :
I do want skincare and natural wellness for pets to be synonymous with Happy Puppy Organics. I see pet parenting and the pet care industry booming as a whole in India and I cannot wait for it to take up the space it deserves.

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