Wednesday, July 24, 2024
    Purpletail products_TABPS

    Purple Tail: Quality Pet Biscuits, Shampoos & More on Budget

    Purple Tail offers quality, affordable pet care solutions - biscuits, shampoos & more! Pamper your pet on a budget.
    Georgic First foods: Puppy/Kitten cereal

    Georgic: Redefining puppy and kitten nutrition with insect protein

    Discover Georgic's insect-based puppy and kitten cereal! It's the sustainable, hypoallergenic solution for happy, healthy pets.

    VetCetera’s PETIZER is a multifaceted nutraceutical solution for pets

    Elevate your pet's health with PETIZER – natural support for appetite, digestion, and more.
    BUgs in BSFL insect based fish food

    Taiyo Feed Mills introduces Bugs-In, India’s first high-protein insect-based aquatic nutrition

    Bugs In revolutionizes fish food with insects! High-protein, sustainable, tailored formulas for tropical fish, goldfish, and more.
    Worms Choice compostable poop bags on a roll, green packaging

    Worms Choice Compostable Poop Bags: The eco-friendly solution for pet waste...

    Ditch plastic with Worms Choice compostable poop bags India. Biodegradable, leak-proof, and proudly Made in India for eco-conscious pet owners.

    Harley’s Corner introduces wet puppy and therapeutic dog nutrition

    Discover Harley's Corner's new therapeutic dog nutrition, made in India. Also, find the best wet puppy food

    Papa Pawsome’s premium pet grooming essentials

    Discover Papa Pawsome's premium pet grooming solutions. Natural, effective products for a healthy, happy pet.

    Augie introduces Inukshuk: Premium dog food for Indian dogs with extreme...

    Fuel your dog's potential with Inukshuk! Augie brings premium Canadian dog food designed for performance.
    North PAw Dog food _Augie_INdia

    Augie introduces premium Canadian dog food: North Paw

    Discover the Canadian difference in dog food! Augie introduces North Paw – grain-free, premium nutrition for your pup.

    Barker’s Dozen: Healthy Treats, Chews, Cakes & More!

    Seeking healthy, preservative-free pet treats? Barker's Dozen offers human-grade options with allergy-friendly choices