Beyond Conventional Care: Unveiling Veterinary Homeopathy with Goel Vet Pharma

Mradul Goel on Goel Vet Pharma's legacy and the future of homeopathic animal care


In the realm of animal care, a gentle revolution is brewing. Homeopathy, a holistic approach to healing, is gaining traction among pet owners and farmers alike. Petbiz India in an interview speaks with Mradul Goel, Director of Marketing at Goel Vet Pharma, a leading name in veterinary homeopathy in India to delve into the fascinating world of animal wellness and explore how Goel Vet Pharma is shaping the future of pet and livestock healthcare.

Q : Goel Veterinary Homeopathy company has a rich legacy in veterinary homeopathy. Can you give us a glimpse into how your journey aligns with the overall evolution of this segment within India?

Mradul Goel:
 At Goel Vet Pharma, our journey reflects the changing landscape of veterinary homeopathy in India Since 1977. Over time, we’ve seen more people embrace natural approaches to animal care, including homeopathy. Our dedication to research and quality has helped raise standards in this field. We’ve played a part in making homeopathy a respected option for pet owners and vets alike. Moving forward, we’re committed to furthering the reach and impact of homeopathy in animal healthcare, ensuring more animals benefit from gentle and effective treatments.

Q : Your company has a strong network across India. How do you balance the regional variations in animal healthcare practices when strategizing your sales approach?

Mradul Goel:    With our strong network across India, We the people of Goel Vet Pharma make sure to understand how animal healthcare differs in each region. We have teams in different areas who know the local practices well. We adjust our sales plans to fit what people need in each place. For example, if certain diseases are more common in one area, we focus on products that help with those. We also work closely with local vets and farmers to learn from them and make sure our products and services are a good fit for their needs. This way, we can serve all regions well and help more animals stay healthy.

Q: Beyond traditional veterinary clinics, what avenues are you exploring to expand Goel Vet Pharma’s reach and promote the adoption of homeopathic solutions?

Mradul Goel:   We’re expanding our reach through various avenues to promote homeopathic solutions

By Online Platforms: Websites, social media channels, and telemedicine services.
Veterinary Associations: Collaborating with veterinary associations to conduct workshops, and seminars.
Pet Stores and Pharmacies: Partnering with pet stores and pharmacies to make our products more accessible to pet parents.
Livestock Farmers and Agricultural Shows: Engaging with livestock farmers through agricultural shows, exhibitions, and farm visits to demonstrate the effectiveness.
Educational Initiatives: Developing educational materials, pamphlets, and online resources to raise awareness about homeopathy’s role in animal health management.
Influencers Collaborations: Collaborating with influencers is a valuable strategy to expand our reach and promote the adoption of homeopathic solutions

Q: There are concerns about the scientific rigor behind homeopathy. How do you address skepticism and educate both vets and pet owners/farmers about the benefits?

Mradul Goel:   We want to show people that homeopathy for animals really works! We share stories and examples of how it helps pets and farm animals feel better. We also talk about the science behind it, so vets and pet owners understand why it’s effective. We show them the trial reports of our products and ensure their efficacy. Also, we offer discussions and workshops to provide more knowledge to vets about homeopathy. Plus, we listen to people’s questions and concerns, and we’re honest about what homeopathy can and can’t do. By working together and sharing information, we can help more animals live healthier lives with homeopathy.

Q: With the emphasis on ‘clean milk’, can you give specific examples of how your products address challenges like reducing antibiotic residues?

Mradul Goel: Our products help farmers keep milk clean by using gentle remedies instead of antibiotics for sick cows. This means Zero chance of antibiotics in the milk, if using Homeopathic remedies. Plus, our remedies can make cows healthier and less likely to get sick. We also teach farmers how to keep cows healthy without antibiotics. So, by using our products and following Animal Hygiene Practices, farmers can get “Clean milk” and which will be safe for everyone.

Q: The pet care market is booming in India. What unique opportunities and challenges do you see specifically in promoting homeopathic remedies for pets?

Mradul Goel:  In India’s booming pet care market, promoting homeopathic remedies for pets brings both exciting opportunities and some challenges. Many pet owners are becoming curious about natural and holistic ways to care for their furry friends, which is great for homeopathy. But some people still doubt its effectiveness. One big challenge is making sure pet owners know about homeopathy and understand how it can help their pets. Also, there are Drug rules about selling homeopathic remedies that we need to follow. Plus, we’re not the only ones offering pet health products, so we need to find ways to stand out and show why homeopathy is special for pets.

Q: What are the ethical considerations you take into account when marketing homeopathic solutions, particularly in ensuring they’re not presented as a substitute for critical conventional care?

Mradul Goel: When we talk about homeopathy for pets, we always make it clear that it’s not a replacement for regular vet care. We say that homeopathy works best when used alongside traditional treatments. We don’t make big promises about what homeopathy can do, and we always tell pet owners to talk to their vet before trying it. We work with vets to make sure our messages are responsible and help pet owners make good choices for their pets. We want to be honest and make sure pets get the care they need.

Q: Where do you see Goel Vet Pharma in the next 5-10 years? Are there ambitions to expand internationally?

Mradul Goel: As on today, we see Goel Vet Pharma growing as a top provider of homeopathic solutions for animals in India and possibly beyond. We aim to expand our range of products and strengthen our relationships with vets, pet owners, and farmers. While we’re not currently planning to expand internationally, we’re open to it in the future if it makes sense for us and the market. Our main goal remains the same: providing high-quality homeopathic remedies while prioritizing the well-being of animals everywhere.

Q: What resources or training programs do you offer to support veterinary professionals who are less familiar with homeopathy?

Mradul Goel: For veterinary professionals who are less familiar with homeopathy, Now In India some Veterinary Universities are offering various resources and training programs to help them learn and integrate it into their practice. They are providing educational materials like books and online resources covering homeopathic principles and applications. They also organize workshops, seminars, and online courses where vets can learn from experienced practitioners. These programs cover everything from basic concepts to advanced prescribing techniques. The goal is to support vets in offering holistic care to animals by providing them with the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to confidently use homeopathy.

Q: How do you build trust and collaboration with veterinarians who primarily practice conventional medicine?

Mradul Goel:  We make it easy for regular vets to trust us. We share straightforward info about homeopathy and you will feel pleasure to know that in Veterinary Field Trials our products got 85% to 95% efficacy in Field conditions which gives confidence to Vets to use our products. This builds trust and confidence with veterinarians to use Homeopathic Veterinary Medicines of Goel Vet Pharma Pvt Ltd.

Q: What is the most common misconception that pet owners or farmers have about veterinary homeopathy, and how do you work to dispel it?

Mradul Goel: Lots of pet owners and farmers think homeopathy for animals doesn’t really work and is just like giving them a sugar pill or work slow. We show them stories and studies that prove our homeopathic Veterinary Medicines are Trailed and tested in Field conditions to help animals feel better. We explain how it works honestly, saying what it can and can’t do. By sharing real stories of success, we help people see that homeopathy is a good choice for looking after their animals, along with other treatments.

Q: Affordability plays a key role in adoption. How do your products compare cost-wise to conventional treatments for common ailments?

Mradul Goel: We make sure our homeopathic products are priced fairly so that everyone can afford them. They’re usually comparable in cost to regular treatments for common issues. Our goal is to offer good value for money, making homeopathy accessible to pet owners and farmers without breaking the bank. Plus, using homeopathy alongside other treatments might even save money in the long term. We’re committed to making sure our products are affordable without sacrificing quality or effectiveness.

Q: How do you stay abreast of advancements in both homeopathic and conventional veterinary medicine to potentially integrate innovations into your product development?

Mradul Goel:  To keep up with new ideas in both homeopathic and regular vet medicine, we do a few things. We have a team that reads up on the latest research and news in both fields. We also talk to experts and go to events where we can learn about new stuff. Sometimes we even team up with universities to explore new ideas. By staying curious and connected, we make sure our products are always up-to-date and helpful for animals.

Q: Beyond animal health, how does the adoption of homeopathic solutions contribute to broader sustainability goals within the livestock sector?

Mradul Goel: Using homeopathic solutions in livestock farming can help in a few ways. Firstly, they often use natural ingredients instead of harsh chemicals, which is better for the environment. Secondly, homeopathy focuses on keeping animals healthy overall, so farmers might not need to use as many antibiotics or other medicines, which can be harmful. Also, by focusing on prevention and natural treatments, homeopathy encourages farmers to use more sustainable practices in raising animals. So, overall, using homeopathy in farming can help make it more eco-friendly and sustainable.

Q: Does Goel Vet Pharma have any initiatives supporting animal welfare or community education programs related to animal care?

Mradul Goel: Yes, Goel Vet Pharma has initiatives to help animals and educate communities about pet care. We organize workshops and seminars to teach people how to take care of their pets properly. We also work with animal shelters to provide free or discounted veterinary services to pets in need. Additionally, we visit local communities to talk about the importance of being kind to animals and how to look after them well. These programs help us make a difference in animal welfare and spread awareness about caring for pets in our communities.

Q: What are the specific regulatory challenges and opportunities unique to homeopathic veterinary medicine in India?

Mradul Goel: In India, homeopathic veterinary medicine faces challenges because there aren’t clear rules just for these medicines, and ensuring their quality can be tricky. But as more people become interested in alternative animal care, there’s a chance for better regulations. By working together, we can improve standards and make sure these medicines are safe and effective for animals.

Q: How do you work with government agencies to shape policies that support wider access to homeopathic options?

Mradul Goel: We team up with government agencies to make sure policies support more people getting homeopathic options. We talk to officials about the benefits of homeopathy and show them evidence that it works. We also follow the rules and regulations they set to make sure our products are safe and reliable. By working together and sharing information, we aim to create policies that make it easier for everyone to access homeopathic treatments and improve their health.

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