Poorvi Anthony’s visionary leadership at the helm of JUSTDOGS

The Inspirational Journey of Poorvi Anthony and JUSTDOGS

Poorvi Anthony, Co-Founder JUSTDOGS

Passion’ has been a catalyst for the success of multiple artists, poets, musicians, philosophers, business personalities and many more. When the passion is found and nurtured, it brings change. Any vision fueled by passion becomes tomorrow’s shining reality. Any act driven by passion carries immense potential to bring light and make an impact on the face of the earth.

“When I had a chance to begin something of my own, I chose to do something that I was always passionate about”, says Poorvi Anthony, Co-Founder of JUSTDOGS. Poorvi has been a pet parent for almost the whole of her life. Her unconditional love for pets led to the inception of JUSTDOGS in 2011. JUSTDOGS which began with one store in Nehru Nagar, Ahmedabad has now become the biggest omnichannel pet retailer in India, with the massive presence of 42 stores in 22+ Indian cities.

Poorvi Anthony JUSTDOGS

When I had a chance to begin something of my own, I chose to do something that I was always passionate about
– Poorvi Anthony

Before the inception of JUSTDOGS, Poorvi was a pet mom to four German Shepherds and two Rottweilers. Reeves, Ezra, Hanko, Harley, and Happy were the stars of Poorvi’s life. She stems from a commerce educational background and holds a postgraduate degree in commerce. For 10 years, Poorvi was a certified corporate trainer before choosing to completely devote herself to bringing positive change in the lives of pet parents. Today, Poorvi Anthony leads Marketing at JUSTDOGS.

Her vision of being a leader is quite different, she believes in taking her team along with her. “I’m not an ‘I’ person, I’m a ‘WE’ person”, says Poorvi. From being an empathetic leader, and ardent pet lover she is a Master Groomer from Vanity Fur Canada, and her belief in improvising her skill set has led her to pursue a course in Advanced Pet Styling in Modern Clips & Asian Fusion by PIGA Malaysia, she also holds a Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing from IIM, Kozhikode.

“I’m not an ‘I’ person, I’m a ‘WE’ person”
– Poorvi Anthony

Poorvi Anthony JUSTDOGS

What makes Poorvi special is her undying compassion for pets and unwavering commitment towards making a life of pets & pet parents easy. She empathizes with every pet, understands the needs of a pet parent, and believes in creating avenues that make every pet live a long, healthy and happy life.

She has poured her unconditional love and passion for pets into creating flagship stores, creating a community of pet parents, pet lovers, pet enthusiasts, pet groomers, and pet trainers. She has also bagged multiple accolades such as the Times Power Women 2021, and the Herald Global Marketing Meister.

Poorvi Anthony is on a mission to spread unconditional love, care and happiness to the life of every pet and pet parent. From expanding JUSTDOGS to reach every corner of India and creating affordable pet care solutions to being a driving force behind advocating for street dogs, Poorvi has been a torchbearer and a pioneer of the Pet Industry in India.

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