Freshwoof leads India’s plant-based pet nutrition revolution

Harnessing the Power of Plants for Healthier, Happier Dogs

Freshwoof Co-Founders Saakshi Sharma & Tejwinder Singh

A quiet revolution is underway in the world of pet nutrition, with more and more pet parents realizing the transformative power of plant-based diets for their furry companions. Freshwoof, founded by Tejwinder and Saakshi, is leading this revolution from the front as India’s premier plant-based pet nutrition brand. With a focus on quality ingredients and formulations vetted by experts, Freshwoof is on a mission to make dogs across India healthier and happier through the nutritive goodness of plants.

The Genesis of Freshwoof

The beginnings of Freshwoof lie in the personal journey of founder Saakshi and her 2-year-old German Shepherd, Ruby. Plagued by allergic reactions and gastrointestinal issues from traditional meat-heavy pet foods, Ruby’s condition seemed bleak until her vet suggested a balanced plant-based diet. As Saakshi shares, “After switching Ruby to a complete plant-based food, the results were astonishing – within 3 months her health issues disappeared and she was brimming with puppy-like energy.”

Seeing Ruby thrive fueled Saakshi’s determination to make plant-based pet nutrition readily accessible. She says, “Despite the proven benefits, I felt let down seeing the lack of healthy plant-based options for dogs like Ruby in India. This, along with knowing dogs are omnivores and realizing meat is a common allergen, led us to create Freshwoof – to pioneer plant-based pet nutrition in India.”

The Power of Plants

Since launching in 2021, Freshwoof has served over 1,00,000 plant-powered meals to dogs across India. Behind each meal is a poignant story of improved health and quality of life. As Saakshi puts it, “We’ve seen incredible transformations in dogs with chronic conditions like allergies, thyroid problems, tummy troubles, and low energy after transitioning to our food. This showcases the immense power of plants to profoundly impact canine health.”

Freshwoof’s veterinarian-formulated recipes harness wholesome plant foods like grains, vegetables, and custom nutrient and Ayurvedic blends. Devoid of harmful ingredients, the focus is on nourishing pets holistically. As Saakshi explains, “We take a complete approach – looking beyond just nutritional needs to how our food can support overall wellbeing. It’s this fusion of ancient wisdom and modern science that makes our products truly unique and effective.”

Trailblazing a Plant-Based Future

Freshwoof is pioneering plant-based pet nutrition in India, harnessing the power of plants for healthier, happier dogs.

Saakshi Sharma – Co Founder

As a pioneering plant-based pet nutrition brand, Freshwoof is trailblazing a new chapter in India’s pet care landscape. Saakshi envisions, “We want to establish plant-based pet diets as a mainstream, widely accessible option – available in every pet parent’s home.”

Freshwoof also aims to drive innovation in the space, continuously researching and developing cutting-edge plant-based formulations. As Saakshi concludes, “While we grow, our core values remain unchanged – a commitment to health, sustainability and compassion. We hope Freshwoof’s plant-powered goodness can reach more pets nationwide, transforming lives through the incredible benefits of plants.”With its unrelenting focus on quality, Freshwoof is leading a plant-powered revolution in pet nutrition – helping our furry friends embark on a healthier, happier journey while making the world a gentler place for all beings.


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