Dr. Native launches nanotech pet care range in India

Natural remedies using nanosilver and nanogold for pets


Dr. Native Pet Rescue, an Indo-Dutch collaboration, has recently launched a range of revolutionary, all-natural pet care products in India based on patented nanotechnology. The Ayush-licensed products are designed to treat common infections, wounds, itching, oral health issues, and eye and ear conditions, and boost pet immunity using nano-sized silver and gold particles.

This marks the entrance of cutting-edge green nanotechnology in the Indian pet care market that can provide effective, chemical-free remedies. Extensive R&D and testing have proven the safety and efficacy of the plant-stabilized nanoparticles used in Dr. Native Pet Rescue formulations for dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, and farm animals.

Powerful Nanosilver Antibiotics 

At the core of Dr. Native’s products is the patented silver nanotechnology that delivers nanoscopic silver particles suspended in a liquid. The tiny size of the particles increases their surface area and antibacterial potency.

Multiple studies have shown the ability of silver nanoparticles to attack and destroy bacterial cell membranes and biofilms. This stops the growth and reproduction of bacteria, fungi and viruses, making nanosilver an effective broad-spectrum antibiotic.

A 2021 microbiology study by Eurofins Australia tested Dr. Native’s nanosilver against the COVID-19 virus and found it could inactivate 99.99% of the virus within 30 seconds and 99.999% in just 5 minutes. This demonstrates the remarkable virucidal properties of the nanosilver.

Nanogold for Immunity and Healing

In addition to nanosilver, some Dr. Native products also contain nanogold particles measuring less than 100 nanometers. Extensive trials have shown how nanogold can modulate the immune system and promote healing.

The Dr. Native Pet Rescue Immunity Booster combines both nanosilver and nanogold to provide immunomodulatory and antioxidant benefits. By working synergistically, nanosilver targets pathogens while nanogold boosts immunity against infections.

Other benefits of nanogold include anti-inflammatory effects, joint pain relief, and potential anti-cancer properties as evidenced in human clinical studies. The nanogold is also energizing and rejuvenating.

100% Natural and Safe

A major highlight of Dr. Native’s nanotechnology is that it uses only natural plant extracts to create nano-sized particles. Chemicals, stabilizers or artificial ingredients are not used in the patented process.

The plant-derived nanosilver and nanogold particles are completely biocompatible and non-toxic at the utilized concentrations. No adverse effects have been reported in toxicity evaluations, clearing the products as safe for pets.

The Benefits of Dr. Native Pet Rescue

By harnessing advanced nanotechnology, Dr. Native Pet Rescue offers chemical-free pet care using Ayush-approved herbs and natural ingredients. The products provide an effective alternative to antibiotics, antiseptics, steroids, and antibiotics.

Specific benefits include:

– Treatment of infections, viruses, wounds, dermatitis, otitis

– Reducing itching and inflammation

– Maintaining oral, eye, and ear health

– Boosting immunity against diseases

– Soothing pain and ailments

– Improving overall health and quality of life

As a pioneer in nanomedicine and green technology, Dr. Native’s innovations aim to provide natural relief to pets safely and ethically. The initial launch of the products in India marks a major milestone in natural pet care.

About the author

Tushar Kanchan, Publisher & Editor

Tushar Kanchan is the editor and publisher of Petbizindia.com. As a dedicated connector within the pet industry, committed to fostering a vibrant community of entrepreneurs, innovators, and professionals. Tushar believes in collaboration and knowledge-sharing are essential for the advancement of the Indian pet care landscape.


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