Taiyo Pet Products: Pluss Discovery Cat Food

The Premium Choice for Your Feline's Health & Happiness


As a devoted cat owner, you want to provide your feline friend with the very best. Taiyo Pet Products understands this passion and has expertly developed Taiyo Pluss Discovery cat food. This premium formula is tailored to cater to the nutritional needs of both kittens and adult cats, focusing on their overall health and well-being.

The Power of Real Fish

The foundation of Taiyo Pluss Discovery cat food lies in its high-quality protein sources. Real sardines and mackerels offer a flavor cats adore, along with easily digestible proteins. These proteins are essential for maintaining lean muscles, supporting healthy organ function, and promoting strong bones and teeth.

Nourishing Beyond Protein

Taiyo Pluss Discovery goes beyond just protein to deliver a well-rounded nutritional profile. Long grain rice and beet pulp provide healthy carbohydrates for energy, as well as a generous helping of fiber. This fiber blend supports smooth digestion, combats hairball formation, and incorporates prebiotics for optimal gut health.

Taiyo Pet Products recognizes the importance of taurine, an amino acid crucial for a cat’s cardiovascular health and vision. That’s why Taiyo Pluss Discovery cat food includes this vital nutrient, ensuring your feline companion’s eyes stay sharp and their heart stays strong.

Benefits You’ll See

Here’s what you can expect when choosing Taiyo Pluss Discovery for your cat:

  • Healthy Skin & Shiny Coat: Essential fatty acids, particularly omega fatty acids from salmon oil, create a lustrous coat and nourish healthy skin.
  • Energy for Growth & Play: With balanced proteins and carbohydrates, your cat will have the fuel it needs for playful antics and, in kittens, healthy growth.
  • Controlled Urinary pH: The formula’s careful balance of sodium and magnesium helps maintain a healthy urinary pH, minimizing the risk of FLUTD (Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease) and other urinary issues.
  • Immune Support: Vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants bolster your cat’s immune system, aiding in disease prevention and overall wellness.

Taiyo Pet Products believes in delivering natural, wholesome nutrition without compromise. Experience the difference that Taiyo Pluss Discovery can make in your cat’s life – witness their vitality, their beautiful coat, and their unwavering playful energy. With Taiyo Pluss Discovery, you’re making an investment in your furry friend’s long-term health and happiness.


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