Fabled Pet Food Launches in Venezuela: A Fusion of Indian Innovation and Welsh Craftsmanship

Premium Urban Lifestyle Pet Nutrition Now Available to Venezuelan Pets


Fabled Pet Food, a leading innovator in premium pet nutrition, proudly announces its expansion into the vibrant Venezuelan market. This significant move marks the company’s commitment to providing its Urban Lifestyle Appropriate pet food solutions to a wider global audience, empowering pet owners to ensure their companions thrive despite the constraints of modern life.

A staggering 68% of households worldwide have dogs, with a significant portion residing in cities. Fabled Pet Food’s expansion into Venezuela aligns with this growing trend of urban pet ownership. The company recognizes the need for high-quality urban pet food specifically formulated for the unique needs of these pets.

Envisioned in India and meticulously crafted in Wales, Fabled Pet Food addresses the challenges urban pets may face, particularly in environments where space and activity may be limited. With a focus on urban lifestyle-appropriate nutrition, Fabled Pet Food ensures that pets receive the essential nutrients they need, despite the limitations of city life.

“We are thrilled to bring Fabled Pet Food to Venezuela,” said Shripad Bandekar, Brand Manager, Fabled Pet Food. “Our goal has always been to provide the best possible nutrition forpets, regardless of location. Venezuelan pet parents can now enjoy the benefits of our Urban Lifestyle Appropriate recipes designed to address the challenges faced by pets living in urban environments.”

As India’s premier brand crafted in the UK, Fabled Pet Food has garnered praise for its commitment to quality, innovation, and pet wellness. Fabled Pet Food’s recipes are meticulously formulated using premium ingredients to meet the specific needs of pets living in cities. These recipes account for factors like activity levels and potential exposure to environmental stressors.

The Venezuelan launch signifies a pivotal moment for Fabled Pet Food, demonstrating a dedication to serving the needs of the global pet community. For more information on Fabled Pet Food and its range of products, please visit FabledPetFood.com


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