Taiyo Pet Products: Rising star in Indian pet nutrition

With a diverse range of quality products, Taiyo Pet Products aims to be the leading brand for pet owners across India


Taiyo Pet Products, a leading pet food manufacturer in India, began as a small aquarium shop in 1995. Fueled by founder Ramasamy Ramesh Kumar’s childhood passion for aquariums, the company started by importing fish feed from Malaysia. In the same year, Taiyo Pet Products established India’s first fish food manufacturing unit to meet the needs of the growing aquarium fish and turtle market.

As demand expanded beyond aquarium pets to include birds, cats, dogs, rabbits and hamsters, Taiyo Pet Products evolved into a comprehensive pet food producer. The company proactively developed products to meet the needs of India’s burgeoning pet population.

The Name Says It All

Committed to excellence, Taiyo Pet Products embodies its dedication through its name. “Taiyo” means “rising sun” in Japanese, reflecting the company’s aim to be a leading light in the Indian pet food industry. This commitment to quality extends beyond products to consumer education initiatives. Taiyo Pet Products actively works to shift consumer preferences from exclusively imported brands to their Indian-manufactured products which adhere to international standards. The goal is to build trust in the Taiyo brand and establish a strong market presence.

CEO R. Gowtham emphasized Taiyo Pet Products’s commitment to offering diverse, specialized feed options to meet pets’ unique nutritional needs. For fish, their products include flakes, pellets, sticks and granules formulated to support visible growth and healthy digestion through natural, balanced ingredients. Taiyo’s dedicated R&D team continuously innovates and improves formulations to deliver guaranteed results.

Expanding Product Range

“Currently, we focus on improving and expanding our product variety to serve a wide range of customers. Our recent development, Ynsect-On, is India’s first gel-based food for fish and turtles. We have more upcoming products for other pets like birds, dogs, and cats,” said Gowtham.

To reach a wider consumer base, Taiyo Pet Products aims to broaden its product range by introducing economy, premium and super-premium offerings in various price segments. This initiative improves the accessibility of Taiyo’s products for pet owners across India.

Customer satisfaction is a key priority driving continuous development across diverse product categories. By catering to different needs and budgets, Taiyo Pet Products seeks to achieve its mission of delivering quality nutrition to pets nationwide.

Quality Above All

Taiyo Pet Products emphasizes quality across all its product lines. For fish, the company offers feed in various forms including pellets, flakes, sticks and granules tailored to fish’s specialized nutritional requirements. Formulas focus on supporting visible growth and healthy digestion through natural, balanced ingredients.

The production process adheres to stringent quality control at every stage – from sourcing only the finest raw materials to state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques. Continued innovation by the dedicated R&D team leads to enhanced formulations and guaranteed results for pets.

At the core of Taiyo’s commitment to quality is an unwavering dedication to pets’ wellbeing. As Gowtham stated, “We aim to create a brand that resonates with consumers who want the very best for their pets.” This passion shines through in every Taiyo Pet Product.

By catering to diverse consumer segments, continuously improving its formulations and processes, and staying true to its founding commitment to pets, Taiyo Pet Products aims to be the rising star in Indian pet nutrition. Its growing product range and national accessibility reflect the company’s ambition to deliver quality and satisfaction to pet parents across India.


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