Blue7Vets opens Advanced Veterinary Clinic at Altamount Road, Mumbai

Advanced pet care comes to South Bombay


South Bombay’s pet owners will soon have access to a new level of veterinary care with the opening of Blue7Vets‘ Altamount Road clinic. The clinic, slated for a mid-March launch, promises to redefine pet healthcare in the region by offering a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge services.

Blue7Vets Altamount Road emphasizes advanced diagnostics and specialized care. The clinic will feature an in-house pathology laboratory, ensuring rapid test results for prompt health assessments. Advanced imaging technologies, including X-rays, ultrasounds, ECGs, and 2D echocardiography, will provide detailed insights into pets’ well-being. Additionally, the clinic will offer endoscopy procedures for minimally invasive diagnostics and interventions.

Beyond these core services, Blue7Vets has assembled a multidisciplinary team of veterinary experts. Pet owners can access consultations with both local and international specialists, ensuring access to the best expertise across a wide range of health concerns.

The clinic’s surgical center reflects this commitment to advanced care. It will be equipped to handle procedures ranging from routine interventions to complex laparoscopic surgeries, orthopedic repairs, and even joint replacements.

“At Blue7Vets, we understand that pets are more than companions; they are integral members of families,” says Dr. Vikram Dave, Chief Veterinary Surgeon. “Our Altamount Road clinic is a reflection of our dedication to provide the exceptional care these cherished family members deserve.”

Blue7Vets’ focus extends beyond medical expertise. The clinic aims to create a compassionate environment where pets and their owners feel at ease. This commitment to client experience aligns with the clinic’s broader mission of being a trusted partner in pets’ long-term health.

About Blue7Vets

Blue7Vets stands for an elevated standard in veterinary care. Their commitment to advanced services, a multidisciplinary approach, and a compassionate philosophy sets them apart as a leader in pet healthcare.


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