Modi-Beaphar joint venture targets India’s pet care market

Strategic partnership for pet care growth in India


The Indian pet care industry is poised for rapid growth driven by rising pet ownership, awareness of pet health, and increasing consumer spending power. Identifying this opportunity, leading Indian conglomerate Umesh Modi Group has entered into a joint venture with international pet care specialist Beaphar to serve the Indian market.

The new entity, Modi-Beaphar, will be headquartered in New Delhi. The strategic partnership aims to leverage Beaphar’s global expertise in pet care products and Umesh Modi’s deep understanding of the local consumer landscape.

The joint venture was formally announced in September 2023 after the signing of the agreement. Mr. Umesh K. Modi, Chairman and CEO of Umesh Modi Group, stated that the goal is to provide high-quality yet affordable pet care solutions customized for Indian consumers.

Ms. Himani Modi Agarwal, Director at Umesh Modi Group, said, “With Modi-Beaphar, we are entering the rapidly expanding pet healthcare space. Beaphar’s international range will address the needs of pet parents in this market.”

Mr. Daan Aa, CEO of Beaphar, noted that the partnership will aid Beaphar’s growth in Asia, especially India’s high-potential market. He added that Beaphar and Modi share the belief that “pets are family.”

The joint venture aims to establish a local manufacturing facility and leverage Umesh Modi’s distribution strength to make Beaphar’s products accessible across India. Industry analysts observe that this partnership combines international best practices and local market expertise at an opportune time. As pet ownership increases across urban India, consumers are spending more on premium pet care products.

Modi-Beaphar is well-positioned to cater to this growing demand. The joint venture promises to reshape India’s pet care market by bringing international quality standards with a localized approach.

About Beaphar

Beaphar (the Netherlands) is one of the leading international players in Pet Healthcare and Nutrition. Beaphar has been passionate about pets for more than 80 years. Beaphar provides affordable, accessible health, care and nutrition products of high quality to pets and their families in more than 86 countries. Beaphar is constantly innovating, bringing out new pet care products to improve the lives of pets worldwide. For more information on Beaphar, please log in to  

About Umesh Modi Group

Umesh Modi Group is one of the leading industrial conglomerates in India. The Group has made its mark in diverse business ventures, the principal being: Pharmaceuticals, Health & Nutrition, Sugar, Liquor, Color Cosmetics & Personal Care, Sponge Iron & Steel, Welding Consumables and Power Generation. The Group has established many international brands in India such as Betadine, Nitrocotin, HepaMerz, Revlon, Mederma, Senator and Rockford Reserve.

 With 30 branch offices, 18 production units and over 10,700 skilled professionals, Umesh Modi Group has strong presence in India, Bangladesh & Sri Lanka. The Group has international presence with offices in Europe, Asia & Middle East, Africa and CIS


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