The Cancer Vet revolutionizes pet cancer care in India

How Dr. Noopur Desai and The Cancer Vet Clinic Are Transforming Treatment Options and Outcomes

Dr Noopur Desai - Founder & Veterinary Radiation Oncologist, The Cancer Vet Clinic

For doting pet owners, receiving the devastating news that their beloved furry companion has cancer can feel like the end of the world. With limited and often prohibitively expensive treatment options available, the prognosis for pets diagnosed with cancer in India has sadly been bleak. However, one pioneering veterinary oncologist, Dr. Noopur Desai, is spearheading a transformation in the quality and accessibility of pet cancer care in the country.

Driven by a Mission to Transform Cancer Care for Pets in India

Through her groundbreaking clinic The Cancer Vet (TCV) located in Mumbai and Pune, Dr. Desai is providing pets access to cutting-edge cancer treatments and giving much-needed hope and support to countless pet parents facing this crisis.

The motivation behind Dr. Desai’s inspiring mission began during her Master’s program at Bombay Veterinary College, where she encountered countless patients diagnosed with cancer but lacking adequate treatment options. At the time, there were no specialized veterinary oncologists practicing in India. Witnessing pets and their families suffer due to this gap in care, Dr. Desai decided to dedicate her career to elevating the standard of oncology care for pets in her home country.

After completing a Fellowship in Medical Oncology at Michigan State University, she pursued advanced specialty training in Radiation Oncology at the University of Madison-Wisconsin, becoming board-certified in this field. Following a teaching role at The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine, she returned to India to launch TCV, where she could provide comprehensive, compassionate and easily accessible cancer care to pets locally.

Team at The Cancer Vet
L-R :Dr. Shreya Pandey, Dr. Nameeta Nadkarni, , Dr Noopur Desai Dr. Swapna Pendse

Cutting-Edge Treatments Delivered with Compassion

TCV offers a complete range of innovative services including surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. Treatment plans are carefully tailored to each individual pet’s specific type and stage of cancer, overall health status, age, and risk of side effects. The clinic collaborates closely with primary veterinarians to ensure continuity of care before, during and after specialty treatment.

At the very heart of TCV’s patient-centered approach is a commitment to compassionate communication with, and emotional support for, pet parents from the moment of diagnosis onwards. Dr. Desai makes sure to involve pet owners every step of the way through open and empathetic dialogue. This fosters a sense of empowerment and reduces anxiety during an incredibly challenging time.

Pet parents also play a critical role in closely monitoring their pet’s health during and after treatment. Their careful day-to-day observations of subtle changes in their pet’s behavior, activity levels, appetite, and overall wellbeing allows the TCV team to make prompt adjustments to medications or interventions when required. This collaborative effort between veterinary experts and pet parents is key to achieving successful outcomes.

Making Care Accessible and Expanding Support

Dr. Desai’s vision is to guarantee that quality medical care and cutting-edge treatments are accessible and affordable to all pet parents in India. TCV provides discounts on services, helps owners find financial assistance through charitable organizations, and aims to expand geographically to reach more families nationally. Additionally, Dr. Desai seeks to increase the number of specialized oncology practitioners in India through intensive training programs and mentorships for the next generation. She also plans to further leverage telehealth and digital technologies to extend the clinic’s reach and provide excellent virtual consultations.

After completing cancer treatment protocols, TCV schedules regular follow-up visits, usually every three months, to monitor for potential recurrence and screen for metastatic disease. Pet parents remain vigilant in between appointments and report any concerning changes in their pet’s condition to the TCV team right away. This continued partnership is vital for early detection and intervention if cancer progresses or returns.

Giving Hope for the Future

While preventing cancer entirely in pets is unfortunately not yet possible, Dr. Desai stresses that early detection and prompt treatment can make an enormous difference in outcomes. She aims to improve early, accurate cancer diagnosis in general practice veterinary clinics through targeted training programs on detection and referral. She envisions pet parents becoming more involved in veterinary oncology research studies and innovations that can further advance the field.

Dr. Desai’s pioneering vision, outstanding expertise and deep compassion are revolutionizing the landscape of pet cancer care in India. Thanks to dedicated professionals like Dr. Desai leading the way, the future is looking ever brighter for pets diagnosed with this disease and those who love them.


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