Goa Medicos Limited – An Indian arm of Farmina Pet Foods

Goa Medicos Farmina Pet Foods Partnership India

Vinod Syal, Francesco Russo, Angelo Russo and Sunny Syal

Founded in 1979 by the visionary Mr. Vinod Syal, Goa Medicos Private Limited (‘GMPL’) emerged as a prominent player in the pharmaceutical industry. The company, named after the enchanting city of Goa, garnered a reputation for excellence over decades of dedicated hard work.

In 2010, Mr. Sunny Syal, the son of Vinod Syal, stepped into the family business and joined the board upon his return from the United Kingdom. With a profound love for animals and a keen eye for emerging market, the board set the sights on the burgeoning pet food industry.

Mr. Sunny Syal, with his acumen for sales and marketing, grasped the significance of quality as the linchpin for leaving a lasting imprint in the pet food market. His foray into the pet food sector in 2010-11 ushered in a new era for GMPL. This marked the initiation of a pivotal partnership between GMPL and the renowned Italian pet food company, Farmina, specializing in research and formulating food for dogs and cats.

Armed with a small yet dedicated team and fuelled by ambitious dreams, Mr. Syal initiated his journey from city to city, traversing shops and clinics to convey the paramount importance of pet nutrition. He endeavoured to impart the wealth of knowledge accumulated by Farmina over decades to consumers, emphasizing the unique needs of pets and debunking the one-size-fits-all approach to pet care.

In the arduous journey of brand establishment, the paramount factors that propelled Farmina to prominence were its unwavering commitment to quality and the experience of the decades of Goa Medicos about the local market and its behaviour. The blend of quality and unparallel distributions played pivotal role in cementing the brand’s reputation, a few attributes are as follows;

·        Premium Ingredients and Scientific Formulas: Farmina’s commitment to excellence is reflected in its use of high-quality ingredients combined with scientifically crafted nutritional system for carnivores. Drawing from decades of research, these formulas are free from artificial preservatives, delivering results that consistently exceed expectations.

·        Efficacy of Farmina Prescribed Diets (Vet Life): Globally acknowledged as the epitome of effective nutrition, Vet Life represents the seamless fusion of nature and science. Crafted with a commitment to formulating feeds based on the latest scientific discoveries, Vet Life stands as a testament to the brand’s dedication to advancing pet nutrition through innovation and research.

·        Extensive distribution: GMPL has strategically cultivated an extensive distribution network, establishing a formidable presence in major cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, and Hyderabad. In these urban centres, GMPL has seamlessly woven a direct distribution channel, ensuring a direct influence on the market. Simultaneously, in the remaining regions of India, GMPL has fostered robust connections with distributors, creating an expansive reach that extends even to remote locations.

As Farmina spearheads a revolution in pet food, and GMPL redefines supply chain dynamics and brand establishment through cutting-edge technology, the path to success seems poised for a remarkable journey in the forthcoming decades. The stage is set, and the world eagerly anticipates the unfolding of Farmina’s remarkable journey in shaping the future of pet nutrition in India.


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