Augie introduces Inukshuk: Premium dog food for Indian dogs with extreme nutritional demands

Discover Canadian-crafted formulas for optimal canine performance


Finding the right dog food to fuel your canine companion’s performance and overall well-being is essential. Augie, India’s trusted pet store, understands this need and proudly offers Inukshuk Professional Dog Food. These Canadian-made formulas deliver superior nutrition tailored to meet your dog’s specific energy requirements, from everyday maintenance to extreme athletic performance.

Augie Introduces Inukshuk Professional Dog Food: Premium Nutrition for Indian Dogs

Discover Canadian-crafted formulas designed for optimal canine performance

The Inukshuk Story: Born from the Demands of Arctic Sled Dogs;
Inukshuk Professional Dog Food traces its origins to the frigid landscapes of Canada, where it was initially created to meet the extreme nutritional needs of sled dogs. These remarkable canines, known for their endurance and strength, require a specialized diet to thrive in harsh conditions. Inukshuk formulas were born out of that necessity.

CoreyTEC™: Innovation for Unmatched Nutrition

At the heart of Inukshuk’s excellence lies CoreyTEC™, a series of cutting-edge production techniques that ensure your dog receives the maximum benefits from every bite. This includes:

  • Fine Grind: Ingredients are meticulously ground for optimal digestion, improved oral health, and greater nutrient absorption.
  • Infusion Process: Nutrient-rich oils are infused directly into the kibble, locking in essential fats and vitamins for lasting potency.
  • Freshness Valve: Specialized packaging and a unique freshness valve keep oxygen out, preserving the food’s freshness and nutritional integrity.

The Inukshuk Advantage: Tailored Formulas for Every Need

Augie understands that dogs have varying activity levels and energy requirements. That’s why Inukshuk offers a range of formulas:

  • 26/16: Ideal for everyday maintenance and perfect for puppies and whelping females.
  • 30/25: Delivers sustained energy for active adult dogs.
  • 32/32: Formulated for extreme performance, supporting the needs of working and sporting dogs.

Augie: Your Partner in Performance Nutrition

Augie is committed to making premium pet care accessible. With over 500 stores nationwide, finding the perfect Inukshuk formula for your furry athlete is easier than ever.

40 Years of Excellence: The Corey Nutrition Company Legacy

Inukshuk is backed by the expertise of Corey Nutrition Company, a family-owned Canadian business with a 40-year history of exceptional quality and science-based nutrition. Their dedication to safety and innovation ensures that every bag of Inukshuk delivers the highest standard of nutrition for your dog.

Experience the Inukshuk Difference

Discover why Inukshuk has become a trusted choice for pet owners, breeders, and professionals who demand the best for their dogs. With Augie, you can fuel your canine companion’s performance, health, and well-being with the premium nutrition found in Inukshuk Professional Dog Food.


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