Bark Foods offers gourmet treats for dogs

Wholesome and tantalizing snacks for our furry friends

Bhavita Avire, Founder, Bark Foods

In the vibrant landscape of pet care, Bark Foods emerges as a trailblazer, offering not just dog treats but a culinary experience that even pet parents can savor. Founded in 2023 by Bhavita Avire, a devoted pet enthusiast turned entrepreneur, Bark Foods sets itself apart with a commitment to freshness, nutrition, and a tantalizing fusion of flavors.

About the Founder:

Bhavita Avire, the visionary behind Bark Foods, embarked on this journey fueled by a simple yet profound motivation – the quest for wholesome treats for her beloved pet, Jack. Leaving behind a corporate career at Deloitte, Bhavita, an IIM postgraduate, ventured into the world of dog nutrition, driven by a passion to redefine the canine snacking experience. Her dedication reflects in Bark Foods’ innovative offerings, including canine delicacies like dog pasta, setting a new standard in pet gastronomy.

The Journey to Bark Foods:

Bhavita’s pursuit of health-conscious gourmet dog treats for Jack unraveled a gap in the market flooded with preservative-laden options. This sparked a mission, and Bark Foods was born. Today, it stands tall as a paragon of premium and healthy dog treats, winning hearts one wag at a time.

Commitment to Quality:

The Bark Foods menu boasts an array of gourmet delights – from pup-cakes and cookies to meticulously baked and dehydrated treats. What sets them apart is their commitment to freshness and quality. Every treat is crafted in their home kitchen upon order placement, ensuring not just maximum flavor but also retaining essential nutritional values.

Bark Foods uses only the finest natural ingredients to create their wholesome recipes. From juicy chicken breast to nutritious veggies and fruits, each ingredient is carefully sourced and meticulously measured to craft the perfect balance of taste and nutrition in every bite.

Transparency and Safety:

Pioneering transparency in the pet food industry, Bark Foods invites pet parents to taste the treats themselves, reinforcing their claim of human-grade quality. Bhavita’s mantra is simple yet revolutionary: if it’s not good enough for humans, it’s not good enough for our furry friends.

Bark Foods ensures the highest levels of food safety and hygiene at every step of the process. From sourcing to storage, prep, baking, packaging and delivery, meticulous care is taken to uphold the highest standards.

The Future of Bark Foods:

Currently catering to Hyderabad, Bark Foods has ambitious plans to expand. The roadmap includes growing their footprint across metro cities in India by 2025. In addition to online sales, a retail chain is on the horizon, making these delectable gourmet dog treats more accessible to pet parents everywhere.

Bark Foods envisions a future where dogs across India can relish an extensive range of nutritious and scrumptious artisanal snacks. As Bhavita says, ‘Why should hoomans have all the fun?’

With their unparalleled commitment to quality, taste and nutrition, Bark Foods is undoubtedly a pioneering force set to transform the landscape of pet care and redefine snacking for dogs.

About the author

Tushar Kanchan, Publisher & Editor

Tushar Kanchan is the editor and publisher of As a dedicated connector within the pet industry, committed to fostering a vibrant community of entrepreneurs, innovators, and professionals. Tushar believes in collaboration and knowledge-sharing are essential for the advancement of the Indian pet care landscape.


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