Modern Tail’s Ultimutt Calm Wax Melts

Natural Wax Melts Calm Anxious Dogs When Home Alone

Modern Tail's Ultimutt Calm Melts

Does your dog pace, whine, or bark whenever you head out the door? Do they exhibit other signs of distress like inappropriate urination, destruction, or depression when left alone? If so, your pup may be suffering from separation anxiety. Thankfully, The Modern Tail offers a soothing solution – the Ultimutt Calm Wax Melts. Specially formulated to tackle canine separation issues, these melts use natural calming ingredients to transform pups from anxious to serene.

Give Your Stressed-Out Dog Some Peace of Mind

The Modern Tail expertly crafts the Ultimutt Calm Wax Melts to relieve even the most severe cases of separation anxiety. The secret is in the proprietary blend of essential oils. Basil helps dial down nervousness and stress levels. Ylang ylang promotes relaxation and contentment. Together, these oils work to ease those jitters that strike when you grab your keys and head out the door.

Pop one Ultimutt Calm melt into a burner about an hour before departing. As it slowly melts, the soothing fragrance will fill the air. The anxiety-busting aroma will get your pup prepped and primed for some alone time. Make sure to turn off the burner before leaving to prevent any fire hazards. Then take comfort knowing your dog will remain in an ultimutt state of zen. No more fretting about coming home to destruction or accidents.

Long-Lasting Calm for Up to 60 Hours

Thanks to the soy wax base, each Ultimutt Calm melt offers up to 60 hours of soothing fragrance. That means you can rely on these melts to provide days of anxiety relief. Simply drop a new melt into the burner once the scent starts fading. Feel free to reuse melts until the oils are all used up.

Since they are safe for daily use, make the Ultimutt Calm melts part of your pup’s regular routine. Use them both for long stints alone and quick trips to the store. With regular use, your dog may start associating the calming scent with your comings and goings. This can help desensitize them to triggers over time.

Try The Modern Tail’s Innovative Approach to Separation Anxiety

Tired of coming home to a distressed dog? Want an easy, natural way to tackle those separation blues? Then it’s time to try The Modern Tail’s Ultimutt Calm Wax Melts. Slip one melt into the burner about an hour before departures for optimal anxiety relief. Let the specially formulated oils work their magic, promoting puppy zen. With regular use, say goodbye to the stress of separation and hello to calm canine confidence. Discover the innovative anxiety relief your dog needs today with The Modern Tail’s Ultimutt Calm Wax Melts.


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