PETEX INDIA’s journey over 6 editions – A conversation with T.G. Srikanth, Business Head, HITEX

Charting the Evolution and Future of India's Leading Pet Trade Show - Interview with PETEX India's T.G. Srikanth, Business Head, HITEX

T.G. Srikanth, Business Head at HITEX

India’s pet industry has seen tremendous growth in recent years, with the pet care market projected to reach $490 million by 2022. A major contributor to this rapid expansion is Petex India, the country’s leading B2B2C pet trade exhibition. As PETEX India prepares for its upcoming 7th edition, we spoke with T.G. Srikanth, Business Head, HITEX to learn more about the show’s journey so far and its future roadmap. In this exclusive interview, T.G. Srikanth outlines PETEX India’s evolution from its early days to now becoming an innovation hub for the Indian pet industry. He also provides insights into the show’s unique aspects, the response from exhibitors and visitors, focus areas, and vision to take PETEX INDIA to even greater heights in the coming years.

  1. PETEX INDIA is now in its 7th edition. How has the show evolved and grown over the years? What have been some of the key milestones?

T.G. Srikanth: PETEX INDIA’s evolution across the past six editions is marked by substantial growth in exhibitor and attendee participation. We transitioned from a B2C focus to a holistic B2B2C model, catering to both industry professionals and pet enthusiasts. Key milestones include a surge in diverse product showcases, strategic inclusion of industry-related conferences, and impactful collaborations with industry stakeholders. PETEX INDIA has solidified its position as India’s premier B2B2C exhibition for pet products and services, fostering innovation and connectivity within the thriving pet care sector. We’re proud of our journey and excited about the continued impact in shaping the Indian pet industry.

Further, at PETEX INDIA, we have slowly started to include a wider gamut of pets such as Dogs, Cats, Fishes, Birds, and Exotics to some extent and are open to exploring all the other pets as well going forward.   

  1. The pet industry in India has seen tremendous growth in recent years. How has PETEX INDIA contributed to this growth by bringing together major industry players?

T.G. Srikanth: PETEX INDIA has played a pivotal role in fostering the remarkable growth of the pet industry in India. By providing a dynamic platform that brings together major industry players, our exhibition has facilitated crucial connections, collaborations, and knowledge sharing. The gathering of key stakeholders, including manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and service providers, has triggered innovation and the introduction of diverse pet products and services. PETEX INDIA’s role as a prominent B2B2C event has not only enhanced business opportunities for industry players but has also created a vibrant marketplace, driving consumer awareness and engagement. Through strategic networking and partnerships, PETEX INDIA continues to be a driving force in sustaining and propelling the thriving pet industry in India.

  1. One of the highlights of the recently concluded 6th edition of PETEX INDIA was the concurrent Pet Industry Leadership Conference. Can you tell us more about the topics and themes covered in these sessions? What is the goal behind organizing them?

T.G. Srikanth: The goal behind organizing the Pet Industry Leadership Conference at PETEX INDIA is to enrich the overall experience for participants by providing a platform for in-depth discussions, insights, and learning opportunities. By bringing together thought leaders, experts, and influencers, PETEX INDIA strives to address current challenges, showcase emerging trends, and share valuable knowledge that can contribute to the growth and sustainability of the pet sector. The concurrent sessions offer a unique chance for attendees to gain industry-specific expertise, exchange ideas, and stay updated on the latest developments, ultimately contributing to the professional development of participants and the advancement of the pet industry as a whole.

The Pet Industry Leadership Conference was held under two themes for 2 days

Day 1 – Theme – Technological Advancement in Veterinary Medicine

  • Round Table discussion on indie dogs
  • Promoting adoption drives
  • Strategy to deal with indie dogs related issues in residential colonies
  • Robotics & AI in Preventive Pet Healthcare
  • The most common dog behavior problems & their solutions
  • Dermatophytosis in companion animals
  • Stem cell therapy & regenerative medicine for management of non-healing chronic wounds.
  • Understanding allergic dermatitis in dogs & cats – Causes & Remedies
  • Digitalization and advancements in veterinary hospitals

Day 2 – Theme – Fastest growing Indian Pet Market

  • Panel Discussion on The future of the pet industry & the evolution of D2C in the pet industry.
  • Panel Discussion on Pet Speciality Retail Challenges, Opportunities & Latest Trends
  1. What are some of the unique aspects of PETEX INDIA that differentiate it from other pet trade shows in India? How do you ensure it remains relevant to the Indian market?

T.G. Srikanth: PETEX INDIA distinguishes itself from other pet trade shows in India through various unique aspects such as B2B2C Focus, Comprehensive Showcase, Strategic Collaborations, Educational Initiatives, Adaptability to the dynamic Indian market, and Networking Opportunities

To ensure PETEX INDIA remains relevant to the Indian market, we actively gather feedback from participants, stay abreast of market trends, and incorporate innovations in response to the evolving landscape of the pet care industry. Continuous market research, adaptability, and a commitment to meeting the needs of both businesses and consumers contribute to the ongoing success and relevance of PETEX INDIA in the Indian market.

  1. What kind of response do you receive from exhibitors and visitors at PETEX INDIA? How has this grown over the years and what are your targets for this edition?

T.G. Srikanth: At PETEX INDIA, we are proud to consistently receive positive responses from both exhibitors and visitors. Over the years, we have witnessed significant growth in terms of participation, business interactions, and overall satisfaction.

Exhibitors appreciate the diverse and engaged audience, quality networking opportunities, and the platform we provide for showcasing their products and innovations. Visitors, including industry professionals and pet enthusiasts, have expressed their satisfaction with the comprehensive showcase of pet products and services, and the chance to connect directly with businesses. The growing attendance and positive testimonials reflect the increasing popularity of PETEX INDIA among those passionate about the pet care industry.

Our target for the upcoming edition is to enhance the overall experience for both exhibitors and visitors, fostering even more meaningful connections, introducing innovative features, and expanding the reach of PETEX INDIA. We look forward to building on past successes and creating an event that exceeds expectations and sets new benchmarks for the pet industry in India

  1. Pet ownership and the pet care market are booming in India’s metro cities but remain untapped in Tier 2 and 3 cities. Does PETEX INDIA have any special initiatives planned to create awareness in these markets?

T.G. Srikanth: Yes, PETEX INDIA recognizes the untapped potential in Tier 2 and 3 cities for pet ownership and the pet care market. But for the time being we intend to tap the Tier 1 cities with the regional outreach in terms of B2B aspect. However, we intend to take it up to the Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities slowly over some time.

  1. Sustainability and ethics are becoming increasingly important in the pet industry globally. Does PETEX INDIA advocate and promote these best practices among Indian pet businesses? Can you share some examples?

T.G. Srikanth: Absolutely, PETEX INDIA recognizes the growing importance of sustainability and ethics in the pet industry, and we actively advocate and promote these best practices among Indian pet businesses. Here are some examples of how PETEX INDIA intend to contribute to fostering sustainability and ethics within the industry:

  • Ethical Pet Breeding Discussions
  • Partnerships with Ethical Brands
  • Educational Campaigns among pet owners and businesses
  • Inclusion of Animal Welfare Organizations

By incorporating these practices and initiatives, PETEX INDIA aims to be a catalyst for positive change within the Indian pet industry.

  1. What are some of the emerging trends you foresee in the Indian pet industry? How does PETEX INDIA help businesses capitalize on these opportunities?

T.G. Srikanth: Several emerging trends are shaping the Indian pet industry in Premium and Functional Pet Food, Tech-Driven Pet Products, E-Commerce Boom, Pet Health and Wellness, Pet Grooming, and Spa Services, Pet Insurance and Healthcare Solutions, Pet Adoption and Rescue Initiatives, etc.

To help businesses capitalize on these trends, PETEX INDIA provides a vibrant marketplace for networking, collaboration, and knowledge exchange. The exhibition serves as a platform for businesses to showcase their products and services, connect with industry experts, and stay abreast of the latest market trends.

  1. What are your goals and vision for the future of PETEX INDIA over the next 3-5 years? How do you plan to make it bigger and better for exhibitors and visitors?

T.G. Srikanth: Our goals and vision for the future of PETEX INDIA over the next 3-5 years are very ambitious, aiming to elevate the exhibition to new heights and provide unparalleled value for both exhibitors and visitors. The roadmap includes Expansion and Diversity with a broader range of products, aiming to make PETEX INDIA an innovation hub for the pet industry, forging strategic partnerships with key stake holders, creating more enhanced networking opportunities etc.

By pursuing these goals, our vision is to make PETEX INDIA not only the largest B2B2C exhibition for pet products and services in India but also a globally recognized and respected platform. We are committed to continuously improving and innovating, ensuring that PETEX INDIA remains a foundation for the growth and development of the pet industry, providing immense value to both exhibitors and visitors alike.

  1. Any interesting brand launches, product unveilings, or other highlights we can expect at PETEX INDIA’s next edition? What are you most excited about?

T.G. Srikanth: We are in discussions with some of the very interesting brand launches and product unveilings in the next edition of PETEX INDIA. However, since it is in the very early stages, we will be able to give a proper update on this nearing the expo. However, we are most excited about bringing a more diverse range of products and services related to the pet industry to expo. In fact, I would like to mention here that, in the recently concluded 6th edition of PETEX, we had a very healthy participation of about 15 to 20 start-ups as exhibitors and we are very enthusiastic to add more to this numbers in the next edition.


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