TailsMart – Revolutionizing pet care through technology

Integrating Services and Innovating Pet Care


The Indian startup TailsMart is pioneering innovation in pet care by integrating services, products, food, and content into one seamless super-app experience. Founded in 2023 by entrepreneur Abhishek DG, TailsMart aims to harness technology to provide convenience and quality care for pets and their owners.

The inspiration behind TailsMart stemmed from Abhishek identifying key challenges in the rapidly growing pet care industry, expected to be valued at Rs. 20,000 crores by 2025. Issues such as low adoption rates, fragmented platforms, and delayed deliveries highlighted the need for an all-inclusive solution. Abhishek realized that a super app bringing together essential pet services could transform the lives of owners and their furry companions.

Abhishek DG – Founder , TailSmart

“Pet owners in India face numerous difficulties that affect the happiness and well-being of their pets. TailsMart was created to relieve these stresses by integrating pet care needs into one platform for efficiency and convenience,” said Abhishek.

At its core, TailsMart operates on a hyperlocal delivery model to enable prompt service. By partnering with local and national retailers, pet owners can receive items like food, medicine and supplies within 30 minutes to 2 hours. TailsMart also assists smaller retailers with logistics and an online presence so they can tap into the $2 billion market.

Advanced artificial intelligence developed by the startup enhances the user experience further. TailsAI analyzes pet and owner behavior to make personalized recommendations that drive engagement. Meanwhile, the AI assistant TailsHelp provides customized pet care advice on nutrition, health, training, and more.

TailsMart also facilitates connections between animal shelters and potential adopters through its implementation process. This aids the startup’s mission to address animal welfare concerns alongside advancing pet care.

Currently self-funded, TailsMart has ambitious plans for expansion as envisioned by founder Abhishek. With technology as an enabler, he aims to establish TailsMart as India’s dominant digital pet care brand within five years.

“We want to revolutionize how pet parents care for their animals through our integrated platform. TailsMart’s offerings driven by our proprietary AI, hyperlocal delivery and partnerships create a comprehensive experience to set new standards in pet care,” explained Abhishek.

By tackling the needs of an underserved market with expertise and innovation, TailsMart has strong potential to achieve its mission. With Abhishek’s leadership and pioneering use of technology, the startup is poised to reshape India’s pet industry. As TailsMart continues enhancing its services and expanding nationwide, this promising venture is one to watch in the coming years.

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Tushar Kanchan, Publisher & Editor

Tushar Kanchan is the editor and publisher of Petbizindia.com. As a dedicated connector within the pet industry, committed to fostering a vibrant community of entrepreneurs, innovators, and professionals. Tushar believes in collaboration and knowledge-sharing are essential for the advancement of the Indian pet care landscape.


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