Onpets -Bringing quality veterinary care home

How Onpets is Changing Pet Health in Tier I & II Cities


Access to quality veterinary care remains a challenge for many pet owners living in India’s Tier II cities. Long travel times to clinics, lack of trusted local vets, and limited medicine availability often mean delayed treatment or subpar care for beloved pets. Onpets, an innovative young startup launched in 2021, aims to change that by providing convenient at-home vet consultations tailored for pet parents in underserved markets.

Founded by Anirban Chanda and Sandipan Guha, two entrepreneurs with personal experience of the vet-access gap, Onpets brings compassionate and experienced veterinary professionals right to owners’ doorsteps. The Kolkata-based company’s digital platform and dedicated medical teams are rapidly expanding across Eastern India, fulfilling the founders’ mission to help pets get the care they need, when and where they need it.

Bridging the Veterinary Care Gap for Pets in Small Cities

While metro residents can easily find 24/7 vet clinics, pet parents in Tier II cities often struggle to access basic services. Long distances between towns mean extra travel time and stress to visit a vet. Local practices frequently have just 1-2 doctors who are overburdened with patients. Medicines run out quickly with no reliable delivery options.

Not every pet parent is lucky when it comes to easy access to vets, especially in the tier 2 and tier 3 cities

Anirbhan Chanda

Onpets was born to fix these problems after Chanda recognized the stark contrast between his convenient care experience and the hurdles facing other pet owners. “Not every pet parent is lucky when it comes to easy access to vets, especially in the tier 2 and tier 3 cities,” Chanda said.

After months of planning and research, Onpets launched its online platform in September 2021, allowing customers to book home vet visits in just a few clicks. By coordinating medically-certified teams across multiple locations, Onpets provides on-demand vet access without the hassle and delay of travel.

Bringing Specialized Care Home in Just 60-90 Minutes

Onpets’ services center around prompt home visits by experienced veterinarians for consultations, exams, diagnostics and minor procedures. After booking online, pet owners can expect a vet at their door in just 60-90 minutes.

The startup handpicks vets with at least 4 years of experience and high levels of compassion. “To make our model successful, it is important to have the best professionals serving our users,” said Chanda. Customers appreciate the doctors’ expertise and caring approach.

Vets come equipped to handle common issues like infections, skin problems, vaccine boosters, deworming, blood tests and more. Medicines prescribed are delivered directly by Onpets teams, eliminating troublesome pharmacy runs. Follow-ups and lab results are provided via phone and email.

For serious emergencies and surgeries, Onpets offers referrals and transport to fully-equipped hospitals. Their personalized guidance takes the stress out of seeking advanced treatment.

Rapid Growth Across Eastern India and Beyond

Headquartered in Kolkata, Onpets currently operates in West Bengal, Assam, Odisha and more Indian states. Their network includes 30 full-time vets and 4 para medics serving major cities like Kolkata Guwahati, Bhubaneswar and Siliguri, along with smaller towns.

In just 2 years, Onpets has attracted over 500+ loyal customers and continues rapid expansion. The bootstrapped startup is projected to generate INR 40 lakhs in revenue this year. They aim to reach 7500 users across Eastern India by end of 2024 as demand surges.

“We also get requests from metro cities like Bangalore and Gurgaon,” Chanda said. “But we see a bigger gap in Tier II and III cities.” Onpets plans to grow its geographic footprint while maintaining its personal, small-city approach.

Improving Pet Health and Owners’ Peace of Mind

Within less than a year, Onpets has made a significant impact on pet care in overlooked markets. Customers praise the convenient, stress-free services that were previously unavailable. The startup is empowering owners to get prompt treatment for their furry companions when every minute counts.

“Currently, once a pet parent places a request, our vets reach in 2-3 hours. We want to bring it down to 60-90 mins,” Chanda said. Their commitment to speed and quality is earning trust in underserved communities.

Onpets is proving that pet parents in India’s small cities deserve the same access to veterinary care as those in big metros. By understanding and addressing gaps in the current system, this promising young company has found an innovative way to keep beloved pets happy and healthy across the country.


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