Hermet Nutrix: Powering pet nutrition with insect protein

Insect protein at the core of India's leading pet nutrition brand


In the thriving hub of Madurai, a pioneering pet nutrition company is making waves with its innovative use of insect protein. Hermet Nutrix, founded in 2022 by Syed Nawaz and Khaja Nawas, has carved a niche as India’s leading producer of black soldier fly larvae-based supplements for cats and dogs.

“We realized the immense potential of insect protein early on,” said Nawaz, Hermet Nutrix CEO. “Our goal was to harness this sustainable nutrient source to elevate pet nutrition in India.”

This vision crystallized in the form of Grubby Pro, the company’s first insect protein-based supplement. Launched in 2023, Grubby Pro utilizes protein derived from black soldier fly larvae reared at Hermet Nutrix’s state-of-the-art insect farm.

“Grubby Pro reflects our relentless pursuit of excellence in pet nutrition,” said Nawas, Hermet Nutrix President. “The phenomenal response from pet owners validates the effectiveness of insect protein for pets.”

Veterinarians corroborate these claims, observing enhanced skin, coat, appetite, and mobility in pets supplemented with Grubby Pro. Beyond quality protein, the black soldier fly larvae offer pets a rich source of calcium, healthy fats, and micronutrients.

For Nawaz and Nawas, Grubby Pro exemplifies their commitment to sustainability. “Insect farming has a remarkably low carbon footprint compared to traditional livestock,” explained Nawaz. “This aligns with our mission to reduce the environmental impact of pet care.”

The rest of the pet nutrition industry is taking note. “The success of Grubby Pro shows that sustainable practices can redefine pet care,” said Nawas.

Buoyed by the positive reception, Hermet Nutrix is gearing up to expand its line of insect protein-based products. “We are developing insect protein pet foods, treats, and cosmetics to meet the dynamic needs of conscious pet owners,” revealed Nawaz.

Hermet Nutrix also aims to inspire other players to incorporate insect protein in pet diets. “Insects are the protein source of the future,” stated Nawas. “We want to drive the widespread adoption of this ethical, eco-friendly alternative.”

As consumer awareness of sustainability grows, Hermet Nutrix seems poised to emerge as the leader ushering in the new era of responsible pet nutrition. In Nawaz’s words, “Our journey so far affirms we are creating positive change in the industry while delivering the best nutrition for pets.”

With Grubby Pro’s early success as a springboard, expect to see more buzz around Hermet Nutrix as insects power the next generation of pet supplements.


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