TABPS Pets drives pet care innovation through Filomilo and Purple Tail

TABPS Pets Private Limited Propels Growth Through Strategic Funding and Global Expansion of Distinctive Pet Brands

Brindha Prabhu, Co Founder, TABPS PETS Pvt Ltd

In 2021, TABPS Pets Private Limited was founded by a team of visionary entrepreneurs – Brindha Prabhu, Prabhu Gandhikumar, Arun Mukerjee, and Soumya Malani. United by a passion for pet care and a commitment to innovation, they set out to establish a company dedicated to providing premium quality pet products. Within a short span, TABPS Pets Private Limited has introduced two standout brands catering to different segments of the market – Filomilo and Purple Tail.

“Our goal was to create distinctive pet care brands that set new standards for quality and wellbeing,” said Co-Founder Brindha Prabhu. “With Filomilo, we offer premium nutrition and grooming solutions crafted with meticulous care. And with Purple Tail, we provide an affordable range of essential pet care items without compromising on quality.”

Filomilo, the flagship brand of TABPS Pets Private Limited, has swiftly gained recognition as a leader in premium pet care. Developed in consultation with veterinarians and pet nutritionists, Filomilo’s food and grooming products fuse Ayurvedic wisdom with scientific research to promote optimal health.

“We meticulously select natural ingredients and follow stringent quality control measures,” remarked Filomilo Co-Founder Arun Mukerjee. “This enables us to craft nutritious recipes tailored to a pet’s life stage and sensitivities. Our grooming range is equally gentle yet effective.”

Available across over 1800 retail outlets and major e-commerce platforms, Filomilo’s accessibility and stellar reputation have elevated it among the top pet care brands in India. The brand took a significant leap by recently entering the US market as well. “We’ve received an overwhelming response in the US through strategic partnerships with Amazon and other retailers,” said Prabhu Gandhikumar, Co-Founder. “We will soon expand Filomilo to Australia and the UAE to truly establish it as a global pet care leader.”

Complementing Filomilo’s premium range, Purple Tail by TABPS Pets Private Limited caters to budget-friendly everyday pet care essentials. “We recognized that many pet owners required an affordable option without compromising on product quality,” noted Co-Founder Soumya Malani. “Our Purple Tail range fulfills this need gap.” Encompassing food, treats, grooming accessories and more, Purple Tail delivers trusted quality pet care at competitive prices.

Powered by the success of its brands, TABPS Pets Private Limited recently completed a fundraising round of approximately 6.5 crore INR. The investments from leading cricketers like Hemang Badhani, KS Bharath and other notable investors will drive strategic brand growth. “This funding fuels our vision of shaping the future of pet care through meaningful innovation,” said Prabhu Gandhikumar.

TABPS Pets Private Limited and its distinguished brands Filomilo and Purple Tail have carved a distinct niche in the Indian and global pet care industry. “Our world-class products cater to diverse consumer needs, but they all have one thing in common – a commitment to pets’ happiness and wellbeing above all else,” summed up Brindha Prabhu. Driven by this ethos and backed by its recent funding, TABPS Pets Private Limited is poised to continue transforming pet care standards worldwide

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