Papa Pawsome sets new gold standard in pet hygiene and grooming

Innovating Pet Care with Quality and Convenience

Papa Pawsome Founders Nishita Agarwal and NIkita Agarwal

Papa Pawsome has emerged as the go-to brand for modern pet parents seeking premium, natural, and hassle-free solutions for pet hygiene and grooming. Founded in 2020 by Nishita Agarwal and Pratik Kanath, Papa Pawsome’s innovative formulations and dedication to quality have earned them the trust of over 20,000 households.

As Agarwal recalls, “It all started when we couldn’t find a natural, safe paw cream for our dog Aurum. We tried making our own and the positive feedback from friends got us thinking about starting a brand to make pet care effortless.”

After extensive R&D, Papa Pawsome was born. As pet adoptions grew post-pandemic, the brand recognized the need for elevated care standards aligned with new pet parenting lifestyles.

“Pets are family now more than ever. We create products to nurture the human-animal bond with quality and convenience at the core,” says Co-Founder Nikita Agarwal, who joined later. 

Simplifying Pet Parenting with Innovative Formulations

Papa Pawsome’s solutions are thoughtfully formulated to save time and effort while pampering pets. Their 2-in-1 shampoos eliminate the need for a separate conditioner, while waterless dry shampoos allow quick cleansing between washes. 

As Kanath explains, “We want to make pet parenting as effortless and enjoyable as possible. Our formulations streamline grooming routines through unique product designs.”

Understanding Modern Pet Parents’ Needs 

Developing solutions for busy yet caring pet parents led Papa Pawsome to become pioneers in the pet hygiene space. The brand has carved a niche with their understanding of customers’ evolving needs.

“We take feedback from our community very seriously. Hearing their problems allows us to create products like our popular detangling spray for long-haired pets,” shares Agarwal.

The Focus on Quality Ingredients and Safety

At the core of Papa Pawsome’s innovation is their commitment to quality. All products are made with natural, safe ingredients chosen for efficacy.

As Agarwal emphasizes, “We never compromise on the ingredients we use. Our customers know we choose what’s best for pets, not what’s cheapest for profits.”

This focus on quality has earned Papa Pawsome its reputation for excellence. The brand’s discerning pet parent customers expect nothing less when it comes to their beloved companions.

Redefining Pet Care Standards

With its unique formulations and steadfast commitment to quality, Papa Pawsome has redefined pet care standards across India. Their solutions cater to modern needs while elevating the care experience.

“We’re proud to set new benchmarks in this evolving space. Our community motivates us to constantly raise the bar when it comes to caring for our furry family members,” Kanath remarks.

As pioneers who continue understanding and innovating for pet parents, Papa Pawsome represents the future of pet care. Their story illustrates how a brand can transform an industry by identifying gaps and creating solutions centered around customers. With quality and convenience at the forefront, Papa Pawsome sets the gold standard for the pet parenting experience.


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