Petfolk’s visionary founder Laxmikanth is transforming pet care services

Simplifying Pet Parenthood Through Comprehensive Care

Laxmikanth Pudu, Founder , Petfolk

When entrepreneur Laxmikanth Pudu launched Petfolk in April 2022, he envisioned a company that would revolutionize pet care services. In less than a year, Petfolk has already transformed the landscape for pet businesses in India and beyond.

“We wanted to create a comprehensive platform that simplified everything related to pets in one place,” said Laxmikanth. This led to the creation of the first social media network exclusively for pets, enabling pet parents to connect and bond over their furry friends.

However, Laxmikanth set his sights far beyond just an online community. “Our goal was to redefine quality and convenience across all pet services,” he said.

Petfolk’s mobile pet grooming vans have set a new standard, bringing professional-level grooming directly to pet parents’ homes. Their recent expansion into on-demand bicycle pet grooming brings even greater accessibility. “With our innovative grooming-on-bikes program, we’re delivering skilled groomers across India in a way never seen before,” noted Laxmikanth.

Recognizing the rising demand for qualified groomers, Petfolk established an advanced grooming institute to train the next generation. Their free 2 lakh rupee curriculum opens doors for aspiring groomers from northeast India who may lack the resources for such education. As Laxmikanth explained, “We’re empowering talented individuals with in-depth grooming skills while expanding opportunities in underserved regions.”

On February 18th, 2024 Petfolk unveils its network of high-tech Pet Grooming Centers across India, setting benchmarks for excellence. With 400 locations planned, Petfolk cements its leadership in pet grooming nationwide.

Petfolk also plans to launch specialized pet supplements for overlooked markets. “Pets in tier 2 and 3 cities deserve the same quality care,” said Laxmikanth.

Founder of Petfolk

Laxmikanth Pudu, Founder, Petfolk

Meet Laxmikanth Pudu, the visionary founder of Petfolk and a devoted pet parent with 25 years of international experience. Recognizing the opportunity and necessity of consolidating all pet services, Laxmi embarked on the journey to create Petfolk. With a passion for pets and a commitment to simplifying pet care, Laxmikanth is dedicated to providing a comprehensive platform that meets every pet need under one umbrella.

True to its name, Petfolk views pets as family. Laxmikanth’s dedication to enhancing pets’ lives is clear. “With over 25 years in pet care, I wanted to create a holistic platform that simplified everything for pet parents,” he said.

With eyes set on expanding globally, Petfolk aims to lead the pet care space worldwide. “We will continue pushing boundaries to improve our services,” Laxmikanth asserted.

For pet businesses in India and beyond, Petfolk paves an innovative path forward. Their comprehensive solutions and services set new standards. And Laxmikanth’s visionary leadership rooted in a genuine love of pets looks to make Petfolk the foremost name in pet care.

Petfolk’s meteoric rise since its April 2022 founding promises an exciting future for the company and pet industry alike. They are a pioneering force poised to revolutionize pet business.

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