Himalaya Animal Health aligns pet wellness with herbal care

Insights on Companion Animal Nutrition and Digestive Health

Sandip Joshi, AHD, Himalaya Animal Health

Pets are an integral part of many families, with pet owners seeking ways to provide the best possible care and nutrition for their furry companions. As interest in natural and herbal solutions for human health continues to grow, there is also increasing demand for similar products tailored to pets’ needs. Himalaya Animal Health aims to bridge this gap through their range of herbal companion care offerings grounded in traditional Ayurvedic wisdom and modern science.

According to Dr. Sandip Joshi, head of the Animal Health Division at Himalaya Wellness, their core focus is on providing safe, effective and comprehensive herbal solutions spanning pet nutrition, hygiene, grooming and therapeutics. This aligns with Himalaya’s broader commitment to leveraging herbal remedies for sustainable well-being.

Elaborating further, Dr. Joshi explained that the mission of Himalaya’s Animal Health Division is to offer solutions for various segments of companion animal care including nutrition, hygiene/grooming, and therapeutics. The division aligns perfectly with Himalaya’s vision to promote pet health and well-being through natural herbal ingredients. By leveraging the benefits of herbs, Himalaya aims to develop products that contribute to the overall health, vitality, and longevity of pets.

Himalaya takes a rigorous approach to research and development, blending Ayurvedic knowledge with scientific validation and quality assurance. All products undergo strict testing to ensure they meet quality standards and are safe for animal use. The company also partners with veterinary experts when formulating products to ensure alignment with current scientific understanding. Their R&D facility encompasses over 120,000 sq. ft. of space with over 300 scientists dedicated to pet product development.

Discussing their Healthy PET foods for puppies and adults, Dr. Joshi explained how these balanced diets incorporate herbs to boost immunity, support healthy skin and coat, promote digestion and maintain vitality. The puppy recipe contains ingredients like black pepper, oats and papaya to promote gut health, while the adult formula includes herbs like popala and tree of heaven to support kidney health.

Dr. Joshi highlighted how these natural ingredients provide comprehensive nutritional support. For example, black pepper, oats, and papaya in the puppy recipe act as digestive stimulants for optimal gut health and metabolism, resulting in a shiny coat. The adult formula’s popala and tree of heaven support kidney function, skin health and vitality. By combining balanced nutrition with added herbs, Healthy PET foods help strengthen immunity, facilitate growth and development, promote digestive health, and support joints and kidneys.

The company also offers the herbal digestive stimulant Digyton, which enhances enzyme production, relieves indigestion and improves nutrient absorption in pets. Paired with Healthy PET foods, it provides comprehensive digestive care. Dr. Joshi explained that Digyton stimulates digestion, relieves indigestion, and enhances nutrient absorption to support gut function.

For pet owners, Himalaya’s companion care offerings deliver noticeable benefits for skin and coat health, digestion, appetite and overall well-being. The natural formulations safeguard pet health while promoting happiness. By incorporating these into pet care routines, owners can feel confident they are optimizing care.

Dr. Joshi emphasized how pet owners can expect key benefits when using these products, including improved skin health, digestive relief, increased appetite and overall wellness. The gentle, herbal ingredients further support the health and happiness of pets. By making Himalaya companion care part of their routine, pet parents can feel assured they are providing the best possible care and wellness support.

With a commitment to blending herbal wellness and scientific research, Himalaya Animal Health continues to pioneer natural pet care. Their insights demonstrate how traditional wisdom and modern science can work together to nurture companion animal health in a holistic manner. By aligning modern nutrition and herbal remedies, companies like Himalaya are empowering pet owners to make informed choices for their pets’ needs


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