Plushpaws Cat Litter harnesses natural bentonite clay

PLush PAws Cat Litter

Plushpaws presents Bentonite Cat litter, harnessing the natural power of bentonite clay for a premium cat litter experience. Bentonite is known for its incredible absorption capacities, making it ideal for controlling odors. By transforming this mineral into an eco-friendly cat litter using environmentally sustainable practices, Plushpaws has created a natural litter that absorbs moisture and keeps unwanted smells at bay.

Processed through multiple treatments for maximum hygiene, Plushpaws Bentonite Cat Litter provides a clean and comfortable environment for felines and owners alike. Its dust-free formula forms fast, hard clumps for easy cleaning while remaining gentle on paws. With its natural lavender fragrance, this litter keeps the litter box smelling fresh for longer.

Made from 100% bentonite clay, Plushpaws Cat Litter features excellent odor control and strong clumping for effective absorption. Its high bentonite content makes it suitable for both single and multi-cat households.

Give your cats and home the miracle of bentonite with Plushpaws. This natural clay litter comes in a lovely 5kg package, ready to tackle litter box odors and keep your cats comfortable. Discover bentonite’s odor-fighting superpowers today!


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