PettingMatters builds a compassionate community

PettingMatters: Where Compassion and Innovation Create a Better World for Animals

PettingMatters founder Bhobby Chauhan and Shivani Ohol

Hyderabad-based PettingMatters (PM) started in 2018 to help humans better understand their animal companions. Using their homegrown “Happy Process” training ideology, PM built a community of animal lovers dedicated to peaceful cohabitation.

The founders, Bohbby Chauhan, an animal behaviorist, and Shivani Ohol, an animal activist and a Meowist behaviorist, came together out of a shared love for animals and a desire to make a difference. Their mission is simple yet profound: “To help humans understand and coexist with animals.”

Over time, PM recognized further needs in the animal welfare space, from a lack of awareness about proper care to insufficient animal blood donors. In response, their non-profit initiatives expanded the scope to include education, fundraising, and capacity-building programs benefitting animals and humans.

Over the past 5 years, PettingMatters has made an immense impact through its programs and services. They have trained over 300 animals using their signature Happy Process ideology and served 250+ pet owners through FurBnB boarding. PettingMatters has also facilitated over 150 successful animal blood donations, enlisted 70+ dog and 30+ cat blood donors, 20+ parvo survivor dog donors, and created over 500 happy families through their initiatives. Additionally, their AnimalAidMatters fundraising has raised Rs 1.5 lakhs for animal welfare causes. Through tailored programs and a compassionate approach, Petting Matters has helped hundreds of pets and people alike.

PM takes a comprehensive approach to animal welfare, offering an array of programs and services:

FurBnB Matters
Their pet boarding facility provides a homelike retreat for dogs and cats needing temporary accommodation. With open garden areas and thoughtfully designed spaces, PM’s FurBnB aims to make pets feel comfortable, not caged. Pets enjoy activities, socialization, exercise, and balanced meals during their FurBnB stays.

Behavior Matters
Bohbby Chauhan, PM’s animal behaviorist works directly with pets and humans to shape behavior for harmonious coexistence. Using the Happy Process, they go beyond basic training to build long-term communication and psychological alignment between animals and their families.

Blood Donor Matters
This program enables pets to become blood donors and save lives. By vetting and enrolling eligible animal donors, PM facilitates life-saving blood transfusions. Donor pets receive free boarding and their owners gain satisfaction knowing they helped save lives. Our goal is to have 150+ dog blood donors, 50+ cat blood donors, and 50+ parvo survivor donors by 2024 to help every blood transfusion need in Hyderabad city. We offer 2 days of free stay to all blood donors who successfully donate blood to other animals in need. This is our way of showing our gratitude for their selfless act of kindness.

The Saviors – Kudos to the blood donor pets above

AnimalAid Matters
This fundraising arm partners with animal welfare NGOs to enable rescues, rehabilitation, and rehoming. So far, AnimalAid Matters has raised over Rs 1.5 lakhs to help 75+ animals in need. In 2024, our goal is to start a Rs.100 per month club, where every member commits to donate at least Rs.100 per month to this cause, hence helping us get close to our ultimate goal of creating a harmonious coexistence between humans and animals

This forum supports and empowers animal feeders and rescues who care for strays. It provides knowledge, training, supplies, and medical assistance to feeders while also raising awareness about legal protections.

Here PM guides people through the process of ethically adopting or purchasing a pet suited for their home. They offer consultations, connect adopters to vets, and provide training.

Through this service, PM transports pets safely and comfortably wherever they need to go. They also train pets to travel politely in cars, making trips easy and fun. This initiative also helps us connect animal lovers to BloodDonorsMatters cause by enabling them to help in the transportation of blood donors in time of need. We encourage all animal lovers who also love driving and own a car to join TravelMatters as our cherished Travel Partners.


Bohbby Chauhan with his pack

This program offers guidance on all aspects of pet health/wellness. From nutrition to first aid, PM connects pet owners to the resources their furkids need to thrive.

With the animal’s wellbeing at the core, PM aims to bridge the gap between pets and their humans. Their offerings include behavioral training, boarding, community building, and health/nutrition guidance. Programs like BloodDonorMatters, AnimalAidMatters, and FeedersMatters engage all who wish to support animal welfare.

PM has accomplished much since its humble beginnings just 5 years ago. From a focus on training pets and owners, they now run a fully-fledged animal-centric ecosystem tackling needs ranging from adoption to end-of-life care.

Some key achievements demonstrate PM’s impact:

– 150+ successful animal blood transfusions, saving countless lives
– 500+ families united with their new furry companions
– 250+ pet parents served through PM’s boarding and training programs 
– 300+ animals positively impacted through behavioral training
– Rs 1.5 lakhs raised for animal charities through PM’s fundraising branch

At its core, PettingMatters strives to cultivate a compassionate community invested in animal welfare. The organization brings together diverse stakeholders who each play a valuable role. Pet parents find support and resources to care for their beloved companions. Animal rescuers and feeders gain assistance continuing their life-saving work with strays. Blood donors, adopters, boarders, and medical professionals unite to facilitate health and wellbeing. Our Trainer and behaviorist, Bohbby Chauhan shares knowledge to deepen animal understanding in the community. Volunteers and donors dedicate their time, skills, and funds to further the cause.

PettingMatters facility

By uniting this diverse network around a common purpose, PettingMatters creates an empowered community where humans and animals can thrive in harmony. Each stakeholder’s unique contributions are channeled toward the collective goal of compassionate coexistence between all species.

Bringing these diverse groups together is central to PM’s mission of helping humans and animals coexist in harmony.

As PM founder Bohbby Chauhan says, “We help build an ecosystem of happy animal-human coexistence.” With initiatives spanning adoption to travel and more, this organization continues empowering pet parents, volunteers, and communities to come together for the animals they love.

Looking ahead, Petting Matters aims to expand its programs and services to ultimately create a world where all animals are understood, cared for, and able to thrive alongside human counterparts – not just as pets, but as sentient beings deserving of respect and compassion.


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