Petsaurus pioneers natural pet care nutrition in India

Crafting Nutritious Pet Food With Minimal Processing

Pushkar Ingale, Founder, Petsaurus

Petsaurus, the brainchild of co-founders Pushkar Ingale and Gurshish Dhupar, is a pioneering pet innovations company headquartered in Pune. Renowned for its brands Rawr4Dogs and Pawr4Cats, Petsaurus is dedicated to revolutionizing the pet industry by introducing innovative products that prioritize the health and happiness of pets and their pet-parents.

The genesis of Petsaurus emerged from a serendipitous encounter between the co-founders. “Pushkar, a vegetarian faced an enormous challenge of providing a natural meat-based diet to his ailing fox-terrier,” shares Dhupar. “He was convinced that high-processed pet foods could not be the choice of nutrition as he watched ailing pets at the veterinary clinic.”

Dhupar himself inherits 7 decades of family legacy supplying meats to the Indian Army. The duo embarked on a journey that led to the development of freeze-dried meats and vegetables. This venture, born out of a shared passion for pet well-being, marked the foundation of Petsaurus.

Nature-Inspired Nutrition Philosophy

Petsaurus believes in mimicking nature while drawing inspiration from extensive research on animal nutrition. The organization prioritizes animal physiology, pet-parenting experience, and manufacturing feasibility, ensuring a holistic approach to pet nutrition.

“The use of human-grade full portion meats and minimal processing with cutting-edge technologies like freeze-drying distinguishes Petsaurus in delivering high-quality, natural pet food,” explains Ingale.

Key Differentiators

What makes Petsaurus stand out in the pet care space?

  • Nature-inspired recipes tailored for specific pet categories.
  • Minimal processing using innovative technologies like freeze-drying.
  • In-house supply chain with a legacy of supplying raw materials to the Indian Army.
  • Extensive range of foods and treats catering to diverse preferences.
  • Sole manufacturer of freeze-dried foods, toppers, and treats in India.

Diverse Product Portfolio

Petsaurus boasts an extensive portfolio covering all nutritional aspects for cats and dogs. From freeze-dried foods, nutritional toppers, and treats to retort wet food for fussy eaters, the company offers a diverse range.

Specific nutrition solutions cater to kennels, boarding facilities, hostels, and breeders. Recently, Petsaurus launched a veterinary-specific range for recovery, gastro, immunity, and hypoallergenic formulations.

Operational under the brand names Rawr4Dogs and Pawr4Cats, the products are currently available on Amazon and their website as they improve their offline presence in a pet-shop and other marketplaces near you.

A Vision Beyond Nutrition

While Petsaurus began by addressing the gap in natural pet feeds, its vision extends beyond nutrition and beyond cats and dogs. “We aspire to be a one-stop destination for high-quality pet care products designed and manufactured in India,” states Dhupar.

Petsaurus aims to serve discerning Indian households and reach a global audience with its innovative pet care offerings.

Led by Pet Passionates

Petsaurus is led by a passionate founding team comprising pet-parents, trainers, and kennel experts. Pushkar Ingale, an industrial designer from IIT Bombay and a Stanford Biodesign Fellow, brings a wealth of experience in healthcare innovation.

Gurshish Dhupar, a true-blooded innovator and entrepreneur has expertise in technology, manufacturing, and market development thus spearheading the business operations. The collaborative development of the founding team aligns organically with Petsaurus’ vision of innovation in pet care.


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